Massive Iceberg Will Soon Break Off Antarctica

The Brunt Ice Shelf was plagued for years by two cracks which have continued to grow and are now separated by a few miles. Researchers believe that a large-scale calving event may... Read more »

British Columbia ​Predicted To Have A Summer Filled With Wildfires

Specialists predict that Canadian province British Columbia​ is prone to encounter another arid summer, filled with smoke from wildfires. When the smoke covered Metro Vancouver the previous summer, many residents had to... Read more »

Find Out Where You Would’ve Lived When Dinosaurs Were Roaming The Earth

Business Insider reports that there’s a digital globe on the Ancient Earth, which makes it possible to check out where your hometown would have been 750 million years ago. As you know,... Read more »

Shocking Climate Change News: Previous Predictions Were Wrong By 80% And Not In Our Favor

It seems that previous climate change-related predictions were not accurate at all and, unfortunately, for us, this is not good news. A shocking study revealed the previous forecasts were wrong by 80%,... Read more »

The Oceans Are Flowing in the Earth’s Mantle

Scientists are claiming some shocking information about our oceans. An ancient supercontinent disintegration is going hand in hand with the oceans that are flowing through the Earth’s mantle. What is happening is... Read more »

Scientists Found Out What Causes The Mysterious Craters That Appear In Antarctica

A coat of floating ice that takes form over Antarctica’s Weddell Sea each and every winter is a puzzling enigma. Once in a while, a huge crater will appear, unveiling the dark,... Read more »

The Great Dying Déjà Vu: The Apocalyptic Scenery Resembles Today’s Conditions, Experts Say

A long time ago, life on Earth almost disappeared. You may know that this was The Great Dying, the biggest extinction that our planet has ever seen. It happened 250 million years... Read more »

Invasive Shrimps Threaten Native Life Forms in European Rivers

A new study has concluded that invasive shrimps pose such a significant threat to native life forms in European rivers, as these organisms are no longer able to performs their roles in... Read more »

Giant Bear-Sized Beavers Existed 50,000 Years Ago – What Led To Their Extinction?

Giant beavers with the size of a bear have walked the planet long ago. More specifically, they roamed the lakes and wetlands of North America. But it seems that these giant rodents... Read more »

Groundbreaking Research Revealed More About El Nino Changes

A new study has been issued in the journal Nature Geoscience in which Australian scientists have detected various kinds of El Nino events. Researchers have created an approach to develop a first... Read more »