Pink Salmon Is Another Potential Threat To Orcas, Scientists Agree

Besides dams, pollution and vessel noise, already identified as threats to the Northwest Pacific killer whales, scientists determined that pink salmon is also endangering the orcas. Four salmon researchers made this finding after... Read more »

Earth’s Tilt Could Accelerate Antarctica Ice Loss

Besides the surge in greenhouse gas emissions which exacerbate global warming, the Antarctic ice loss will also become more sensitive to the Earth’s tilt, at an astronomical scale. According to a new... Read more »

Global Warming Increase the Strength of the Waves

It seems that global warming is even more dangerous than it was first thought. While many researchers worry about the rise of the sea level a team of scientist made a new... Read more »

Oceans are Warming up Faster Than it was Preconized

Based on new research is it safe to say that the warming of the ocean is accelerating more rapidly than the scientists estimated. The analysis was published a few days ago in... Read more »

The Ozone Layer Almost Fully Healed: An “Encouragement to Take on the Harder Problem”

Back in the late 1970s, scientists observed a huge hole in the ozone layer over Antarctica, and 197 countries have decided it was time to do something about it. They agreed to... Read more »

Ocean Warming Accelerates Faster Than Scientists Expected

The fact that the oceans are warming is no breaking news. We all know that climate change is affecting the planetary clime and triggers extreme weather phenomena. The scientists reached that conclusion... Read more »

Warming of Oceans: It’s Like Dropping 1.5 Atomic Bombs per Second for 150 Years

Researchers from the Oxford University share a terrifying fact many people still believe to be ‘not that serious.’ However, when you hear that the average heating of the oceans in the past... Read more »

Genetic Modification Boosts Photosynthesis and Improves Plants Growth

Scientists at the University of Illinois and the US Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research Service published a new study in the journal Science according to which, a specific genetic modification boosts photosynthesis and improves... Read more »

Bizarre Hum Near Vancouver Island Could Predict The Next Deadly Earthquake & Tsunami

The latest massive earthquake in the Cascadia subduction zone was back in 1700. But according to the reports, it seems that there’s been a month-long “slow slip” of tectonic plates. Off the... Read more »

Scientists Created A Carbon-based Powder That Can Trap CO2 Emissions

The researchers from the University of Waterloo created a carbon-based powder that can trap CO2 emissions from factories and plants, reported EurekAlert. Developed in the lab of Zhongwei Chen, a chemical engineer at the... Read more »