Yellowstone Eruption Might Affect The Global Weather Pattern, New Research Revealed

Numerous Americans fear of a super-eruption of the Yellowstone Volcano. The last time the volcano erupted was 631,000 years ago. A Yellowstone eruption would be a massive one, and it would cover... Read more »

Footage Of The Meteor That Exploded With 10x The Energy Of Atomic Bomb In Hiroshima Is Out

It was recently reported that the US Air Force recorded a massive meteor explosion in December 2018. It seems that a giant space rock exploded in the Earth’s atmosphere. Suspiciously, the massive... Read more »

Here’s How The Vernal Equinox Looked Like From 22,300 Miles Away

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) managed to capture the glorious day/night fleeting moment this Wednesday in a pic taken by one of its Geostationary and Polar-Orbiting Weather Satellites. The GOES-16... Read more »

Alien Invasion Over L.A.? Apocalyptic Meteor-Like Object Lights The Sky, Triggering Doomsday Vibes – LAPD Speaks

Some people in Los Angeles might have been convinced that Doomsday is right upon us. Is it an asteroid? A burning plane? Is it a UFO at last? No…It’s just Red Bull.... Read more »

Signs Hinting That We Are In The Middle Of The 6th Mass Extinction

When we usually hear “mass extinction,” we think about an asteroid hitting the Earth and wiping off life just how it happened during the dinosaurs era. But it seems that even if... Read more »

Fighting Climate Change: Proposal To Dim The Sun And Cool Earth Artificially Could Work

There’s a brand new study that contradicts fears claiming that using solar geoengineering to fight climate change could alter rainfall and storm patterns in some locations on the globe. Weather-related controversies  The... Read more »

Badass Spider Devours One On The Most Venomous Snakes On The Planet

It’s a known fact that Australia is filled with some of the most dangerous creatures on the planet. Not too long ago, a nature enthusiast who was taking some photos in an... Read more »

Sea Ice Loss Is Accelerating More and More Due To Global Warming

The sea ice is rapidly losing mass due to global warming. “Rapid Arctic warming and sea ice loss are attracting a lot of attention in the media, public and scientific community. Our... Read more »

Greenland Is Melting Faster Now As More Rain Is Pouring Down Over The Region

The more frequent the rain is pouring down over Greenland, the faster the ice is melting, according to a new study. The Arctic winter surprised scientists because they did not expect rain... Read more »

Green Icebergs Has Puzzled Scientists For A Long Time, But The Mystery Was Solved Recently

The existence of green icebergs has fascinated sailors and explorers alike since they first spotted at the start of the 1900s. The phenomenon puzzled scientist for decades, but a team of researchers... Read more »