30% of Canadians do not Believe that Humans are Behind the Climate Change

Without B.C’s. carbon tax, emissions would be 5 to 15% higher than they are at this moment In online survey made by Abacus Data found that 30% of Canadians don’t put stock... Read more »

Are We on Mars? Orange Snow Covers Eastern Europe

If you have stumbled upon photographs of orange snow on the mountains in Eastern Europe, they are not filtered to look like that! The color of rust was brought from the Sahara... Read more »

Dead Zone in the Gulf of Mexico – What’s There To Do?

The huge dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico has concerned scientists for decades. In fact, it has continued to grow over the years and it became larger and larger each time.... Read more »

The Natural Environment Helps the Economic Growth

Director General of the Planning Institute of Jamaica, Dr Wayne Henry, has asked Jamaicans to enhance the care of the natural habitat, particularly woods, as low strength to precipitation and beach front... Read more »

Environment Breakdown in the KAFB Partnership

John Fleck doesn’t work anymore for the Albuquerque Journal, however, he can’t relinquish the news. On Wednesday, he distributed a short piece on his blog about the “breakdown” in the organization between... Read more »
east coast cold

East Coast Cold Cripples Eastern US

East Coast cold brings life to a standstill It has been a long time since we have experienced this type of deep freeze, both in Canada as well as in certain parts... Read more »
iranian tanker china

Iranian Tanker Collides With Ship In China Sea

Iranian tanker collides with cargo ship in China Sea, crew feared dead It is being reported that an Iranian oil tanker travelling from Iran to South Korea has collided with a cargo... Read more »
gas prices high

Gas Prices Going High Across Canada

Gas prices soaring high across Canada this year When it comes to advocating for lower gas prices across Canada, it appears that nobody in the position to do anything about robbery at... Read more »
scientists chocolate extinct

Scientists: Chocolate Extinct by 2050 Real Possibility

Scientists say chocolate could be extinct by 2050 If you are to believe everything you hear, and are fond of the sweet stuff, then today will not be a very good day... Read more »
cell phone radiation guidelines

Cell Phone Radiation Guidelines Released In California

Cell phone radiation guidelines released by California Department of Public Health Cell phone radiation guidelines have been a focal point of discussion for quite a while now, as recent studies have suggested... Read more »