The Global Warming could Kill most of the Life from Earth

Recent findings reveal some shocking news about the first mass extinction that happened on Earth. The Great Extinction took place 250 million years ago and it is dated approximately at the Permian... Read more »

The Great Dying: Hot Ocean Water May Be The Cause Of Ancient Mass Extinction

According to the scientists’ latest discovery and research, it seems that the cause which led to the Earth’s largest mass extinction has been found and it’s pretty similar to what the humanity... Read more »

Scientists Might Have Solved The Mystery Behind Seismic Waves In The Indian Ocean (And It’s Not About Meteorites Or Sea Monsters)

It was recently reported that an extraordinary seismic event shook Earth on November 11. It was picked up by earthquake sensors that are stationed across the world. The cause of this disturbance... Read more »

Mysterious Seismic Wave Recently Shook Our Planet And Scientists Don’t Know What To Make Of It

Scientists are currently in a position in which they cannot explain a really strange seismic event that shook Earth on November 11. It was picked up by earthquake sensors that are stationed... Read more »

Soil Warming Experiment: Experts Find Rare Giant Viruses Hidden In A US Forest’s Soils

Massachusetts hosts the world’s longest running soil-warming experiment which is measuring how hotter temperatures can impact the tiny life-forms that are living in the dirt. Considering the way in which the climate... Read more »

Next Generations Will Be Larger And Heavier – More Food Will Be Required To Feed Earth’s Population

In 2050, it will be much harder to feed nine billion people than it is to feed the 7.6 billion today, says Gibran Vita, a Ph.D. candidate at the Norwegian University of... Read more »

The Next Generations May Never Get To See The Coral Reefs Due To Bleaching Caused By Climate Change

If something doesn’t change, Earth is about to lose one of its greatest treasures. Latest research brings some really gloomy conclusions. It seems that children who are born today may be the... Read more »

Video Of Baby Bear Climbing Snowy Mountain Goes Viral, But Hides An Unfortunate Reality

You’re probably familiar with the “motivational” video that recently went viral online. It features a bear cub doing its best to reach his momma bear on top on a snow-covered slope in... Read more »

Earth’s Protective Ozone Layer Is Reportedly Healing, Says UN Report

This is some pretty fantastic news.  It seems that the Earth’s protective ozone layer is finally healing from all the damage that has been caused by aerosol sprays and coolants, according to... Read more »

An Open Letter To Support Urgent Action To Reduce Carbon Emissions Was Released By Prominent Group Of Canadians

Climate change is a harsh reality, and now Canada took action in order to try and tackle the problem. An important group of Canadians and international men and women released the text of... Read more »