Climate Change Effects Are Mirrored By Insects After Birds And Bees

  After birds and bees, now the effects of the climate change are mirrored by insects and arthropods as well. These suffered massive losses, says a study from a Puerto Rico forest... Read more »

The Oldest Evidence Of Animal Life Changes Timeline Of Evolution With 100 Million Years

The timeline of evolutions is not quite as we knew it by now. Scientists have recently discovered the oldest molecular sign of animal life. Surprisingly, this did not come from prehistoric bones.... Read more »

Mount Etna May Collapse Into the Sea

The strong effect of gravity is drawing Mount Etna towards the sea, and some parts of the volcano may collapse in the future, causing a catastrophic event. There is no hint that... Read more »

NASA Prepares For A Potential Supervolcano Eruption: Saving The World From Yellowstone Disaster

There are tons of apocalypse scenarios that are being developed every day and every one of them brings a new theory. There are assumptions about the impact of large asteroids, drug-resistant disease... Read more »

Antarctica’s Anomalies That Don’t Fit the Standard Model

Previous research has shown how a shower of particles is created by an avalanche of collisions caused by the high energy cosmic particles that meet the Earth and do not pass right... Read more »

Ocean Warming Intensified The Atlantic Hurricane Season of 2017

According to a recent study, the three monster hurricanes that hit America in 2017 a Category 4 intensity obtained their strength due to ocean warming which surged the temperatures of the water... Read more »

Small Plants in the Arctic Grow Taller As Climate Change Warms the Region

The Arctic has low-lying shrubs, but with the area warming up due to the climate change, the plants seem to have grown taller than usual. A study found that the plant species... Read more »

A Bubbling Lake In Alaska Signals For Something Very Concerning

Global warming is changing the environment of the northernmost parts of the world, and that includes Alaska where scientists found a bubbling lake that signals for something very concerning. The Alaskan body of... Read more »

University of Quebec Student To Develop a Tool To Reduce Environmental Impact of Industrial Parks

A student at the School of Higher Technology of the University of Quebec, Raul Arango Miranda, a Mexican, is developing a tool that reduces environmental impact and optimizes the performance of industrial parks... Read more »

Climate Change Is Destroying East Antarctica’s Ancient Moss Beds

During Antarctica summer season, for a brief period, East Antarctica’s ancient moss beds emerge from ice and snow to grow, but now, according to a recent study, climate change is destroying them.... Read more »