Hurricane Disaster: ‘Prepare Your Family’ – Officials Say This Season Will Be Worse Than Usual

You may be aware of the fact that hurricane season is underway and really powerful storms are developing in both the Pacific and the Atlantic oceans since back in June. Officials revealed... Read more »

Canadian Wildfires Confirmed Theories On Nuclear Winter

Canadian wildfires in British Columbia got more and more intriguing for the experts who start believing it is, in fact, a beginning of a nuclear winter. The incidents from 2017, which resulted... Read more »

The Gulf Stream Slowdown Could Result In Sea Rising In Florida

Now, in a time when the scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson warned us about a possible “asteroid tsunami” that would happen in 2036, a more probable danger is upon the United States. More... Read more »

Asteroid Tsunami Warning: The U.S. Coast Is In Danger, Says Famous Scientist

A scientist has a terrifying warning for the U.S. reports that an asteroid that would plunge into the Pacific Ocean would “wipe out the entire west coast of North America”, according... Read more »

Coral Reefs Can Still Be Saved, But We Neet to Act Now

A new study that centered its research on the salvation and conservation of coral reefs declared that action that has as a focus evolution and adaptation might be the key to rescue... Read more »

Paris Climate Agreement Is Troubled By Inconsistency

A new study has concluded that some countries aren’t too keen on respecting the guidelines mentioned in the Paris Climate Agreement. The initiative seemed to be great at first, as it offered... Read more »

Florida Coasts Are Affected By Something Unexpected

Scientists have just discovered the largest seaweed bloom in the entire world, and it seems that it’s laying on Florida’s coasts. Researchers from the University of South Florida have found the seaweed... Read more »

Rare Lava Lake Was Discovered In The Sub-Antarctica​ South Sandwich Islands

The kind of magma we imagine when we picture volcanoes, the lava boiling in puddles and endangering everything near is pretty rare, with only a few persistent lava lakes in the world.... Read more »

Total Solar Eclipse And A Hurricane, Both Captured In A Mind-Blowing Photo

Nature has its ways of blowing our minds sometimes, and you definitely don’t see such a thing every day. There’s a fantastic satellite photo that shows the moon’s dark shadow which is... Read more »

Massive Iceberg Will Soon Break Off Antarctica

The Brunt Ice Shelf was plagued for years by two cracks which have continued to grow and are now separated by a few miles. Researchers believe that a large-scale calving event may... Read more »