dog walker Coquitlam

Missing Dog Walker Found In Coquitlam

In some happy news, a dog walker along with three dogs in her care have been found after going missing two days ago.   Living in Coquitlam , Annette Poitras, 56, owner... Read more »
Chuck e cheese Regina guide dog ashley nemeth

Chuck E Cheese: You’re Not Bringing That Service Dog In Here

You would think that public establishments would’ve gotten the memo by now when it comes to service animals, but it appears that while they may have received it, Chuck E Cheese just... Read more »
zambia elephant trampled tourists

Tourists Trampled To Death While On Safari In Zambia

Two tourists have been killed in the country of Zambia when they were trampled to death by a massive elephant while trying to take pictures of the animal.   The tourists, who... Read more »
petsmart bichon frise dead

Little Dog Mauled To Death Inside Petsmart

A woman from Pennsylvania is demanding answers after her dog was mauled to death inside a PetSmart after she dropped it off to be groomed.   Betty Miller says that shortly after... Read more »
leptospirosis Nova Scotia pets

Health Officials Concerned Over LeptoSpirosis Outbreak In Nova Scotia

With a sudden spike in Leptospirosis cases being diagnosed in Nova Scotia pets, health officials are now worried that humans may also be at risk. Leptospirosis is a bacterial infection that effects... Read more »
Tapanuli orangutan Indonesia endangered species

New Species of Orangutan Identified in Indonesia

Indonesia is home to a surprising discovery of a new species of orangutan who according to scientists are already on the verge of becoming extinct. The orangutan, known as Tapanuli orangutan, were... Read more »
Rock African Python Legislation

New Legislation Introduced Following Horrific Snake Attack

New proposed legislation across the province of New Brunswick will aim to crack down on exotic animals and the people who own them. This comes four years too late for two little... Read more »

PETA tries to make Céline Dion aware of the plight of animals

While Céline Dion has done a lot of talking about a picture on which she appears scantaly clad on the cover of Vogue magazine, it is rather a picture on which she... Read more »

Anti-Pit Bull Act: About 100 Dogs Transferred Outside Quebec

Since the introduction of the new anti-pitbull law, the SPCA Montreal has transferred 134 dogs from Quebec to other Canadian provinces. And even in the United States. While movement was once restricted... Read more »
Service Dog Stolen In Down Town Toronto

Service Dog Stolen In Down Town Toronto

Ashley-Victoria Martineau is inconsolable. Her dog, who is both her best friend and her main supporter of her psychological problems, was stolen early Sunday morning. The police are looking for the animal.... Read more »