right whale extinction

Right Whale Extinction A Real Possibility

Right whale extinction could really happen, say marine biologists The north atlantic right whale maybe on the verge of extinction according to marine biologists who state that it has been a very... Read more »

Starving Polar Bear Caught On Video

Starving polar bear caught on camera A video showing an emaciated polar bear struggling to walk has gone viral and the conservation group who captured the footage believe that climate change is... Read more »
ontario caribou helicopter

Ontario Caribou Helicopter Relocation Planned By Ministry

Ontario caribou helicopter relocation plan announced by ministry Wolves living on an island in Lake Superior are soon going to have to look harder for food as next year the Ontario government... Read more »
most popular dog names

Most Popular Dog Names For 2017

Rover releases Most Popular Dog Names for 2017 Rover.com have just released their list of the most popular boy and girl dog names for the year of 2017, and while there are... Read more »
Max and Bella are the top boy and girl dog names for 2017

Max Is Most Popular Dog Name In America

Part of the fun of getting a new puppy is choosing the perfect name and Rover.com is here to help as they have just unvailed the list of the most popular dog... Read more »
New Dinosaur looks like a duck

New Dinosaur Resembles Duck

Scientists have uncovered a new type of dinosaur that they say looks like a hybrid of a duck, croc, ostrich and swan. The scientists unvailed their findings in a new study published... Read more »
circus tiger killed paris

Circus Tiger Shot And Killed In Paris

Animal advocates are up in arms this morning following the shooting of a tiger who escaped its enclosure in Paris.   The 200 kilo cat was shot and killed by its owner,... Read more »
dog walker Coquitlam

Missing Dog Walker Found In Coquitlam

In some happy news, a dog walker along with three dogs in her care have been found after going missing two days ago.   Living in Coquitlam , Annette Poitras, 56, owner... Read more »
Chuck e cheese Regina guide dog ashley nemeth

Chuck E Cheese: You’re Not Bringing That Service Dog In Here

You would think that public establishments would’ve gotten the memo by now when it comes to service animals, but it appears that while they may have received it, Chuck E Cheese just... Read more »
zambia elephant trampled tourists

Tourists Trampled To Death While On Safari In Zambia

Two tourists have been killed in the country of Zambia when they were trampled to death by a massive elephant while trying to take pictures of the animal.   The tourists, who... Read more »