Why Did Daytime Animals Turn Into Night Owls? Scientists Have the Answer

A new study shows that human’s interference with the natural habitat of wildlife made daytime animals change their routine. Scientists have known it for some time, seeing mammals travel to areas where... Read more »

Hawaii’s Kilauea Volcano Destroyed Hundreds of Homes In Just One Night

In just one night, hundreds of other homes were destroyed by lava, which filled a rural area. The buildings were vacation houses, one of them belonging to Hawaii County Mayor Harry Kim.... Read more »

Pilot Whale Dies In Thailand After Eating Over 80 Plastic Bags

In Southern Thailand, close to the border with Malaysia, a small male pilot whale was discovered in a canal. It was barely alive, according to Thailand’s Department of Marine and Coastal Resources... Read more »

Salmon Fishing Banned in Parts of B.C. Coast to Protect the Orca Population

Parts of the West Coast have been closed, as the federal officials are trying to protect the threatened orca population. Starting with 1 June, parts of Juan De Fuca Strait, the mouth... Read more »

Florida Brewery Introduces Edible Six-Pack Rings To Save and Feed the Marine Wildlife

Who hasn’t seen awful footages or photos of marine life entangled in plastic rings? Even the sea birds become victims. Seals choke on them and small sea turtles’ shells get deformed as... Read more »

Saving the Bees: Health Canada Proposed to Phase Out Pesticides

Health Canada is set on phasing out common pesticides people use in the outdoors and on their crops. Recent studies have found that bees are affected by pesticides, but only in certain... Read more »

Humans Account for 0.01% of the Life on Earth, But We’ve Made Quite a Negative Impact

Last week, a study was published in PNAS and tried to take a biomass census of the entire Planet. It discovered that all life on earth is about 550 gigatons of carbon... Read more »

Horrifying Discovery: Manitoba Bats Suffer From a Deadly White-Nose Syndrome

It’s the first time when researchers are horrified to find bats in Manitoba suffering from a fatal infection: the white-nose syndrome. The disease has killed bat populations in other regions. It has... Read more »

Chimps’ Beds Are Cleaner Than Ours, Says New Study

Scientists have made a bizarre discovery. It seems that our beds are dirtier than the chimpanzee nests. So, the idea that chimps are dirty should be buried… under our mattress! A study... Read more »

Fishing Industry Catches the Wrong Fish, Claim Scientists

Big female fish lay more eggs than the small ones, and it’s a fact known for over a century. A report published on 10 May in the journal Science strengthens this fact.... Read more »