A New Species of Dinosaurs was Discovered in South America

New discovery was made by a team of Spanish and Argentineans paleontologists. They dug in Neuquen in the centre of the South American country and found an adult and two juveniles of... Read more »

The First Carnivore Fish Appeared in the Jurassic

A team of researchers has discovered what appear to be the fossilized remains of the first carnivore fish. The fish appears to be a precursor of the well-known piranha species. Similar to... Read more »

Conservation Breakthrough: Two Lion Cubs Born Through Artificial Insemination

These two lion cubs playing around at a conservation center in South Africa just won everyone’s hearts, not because they’re so adorable, but because they are unique. The University of Pretoria stated... Read more »

Seabirds Found With Hundreds Of Plastic Pieces In Their Stomachs

The researchers studying the impact of debris on the world’s oceans found seabirds with more than 250 plastic pieces in their stomachs. That is yet another research to reveal how much is... Read more »

Why do People Love Bees but Hate Wasps?

A new study that was published in Ecological Entomology, which is based on a survey of 750 people across 46 different countries, shows that the public has a dislike towards wasps, whereas... Read more »

A Giant Spider-Web Covers An Entire Shoreline In Aitoliko, Greece

The warmer climate conditions in western Greece have led to a bizarre phenomenon. Namely, a spectacular 300m-long spider-web covers an entire shoreline in Aitoliko, Greece. However, the strange occurrence is not unusual for scientists.... Read more »

Canadian Crabs Are Endangering Coastal Ecosystems In The US

Canadian crabs migrated from the waters of Canada to Maine, United States, and that wouldn’t be a bad thing if they weren’t so aggressive. According to new research, those green crabs that... Read more »

Wasps Are Just As Important As The Bees Are, So We Should Not Kill Them

Due to climate change and human activity, among other factors, wasps are being wiped out as quickly as bees. And the fact that wasps are going extinct is as destructive to our... Read more »

Huge White Shark Lair Discovered By Researchers In Pacific Ocean

Scientists from the Monterey Bay Aquarium and Stanford University identified, between California and Hawaii, a region in the Pacific Ocean, as big as Colorado, that appears to be a huge white shark... Read more »

Gulf of St. Lawrence Would Soon Remain Out of Oxygen, Unable to Support Marine Life

A new study led by researchers at the University of Washington was published in Nature Climate Change on 17 September, warning that the Gulf of St. Lawrence has lost so much oxygen... Read more »