Canadian Crabs Are Endangering Coastal Ecosystems In The US

Canadian crabs migrated from the waters of Canada to Maine, United States, and that wouldn’t be a bad thing if they weren’t so aggressive. According to new research, those green crabs that... Read more »

Wasps Are Just As Important As The Bees Are, So We Should Not Kill Them

Due to climate change and human activity, among other factors, wasps are being wiped out as quickly as bees. And the fact that wasps are going extinct is as destructive to our... Read more »

Huge White Shark Lair Discovered By Researchers In Pacific Ocean

Scientists from the Monterey Bay Aquarium and Stanford University identified, between California and Hawaii, a region in the Pacific Ocean, as big as Colorado, that appears to be a huge white shark... Read more »

Gulf of St. Lawrence Would Soon Remain Out of Oxygen, Unable to Support Marine Life

A new study led by researchers at the University of Washington was published in Nature Climate Change on 17 September, warning that the Gulf of St. Lawrence has lost so much oxygen... Read more »

Ill Orca J50 Declared Dead: “We Are Witnessing a Slow-Motion Extinction”

A sick killer whale calf spotted by scientists who have been struggling to treat since August has now died. The head of the Center for Whale Research on San Juan Island in... Read more »

8 Species of Birds Are On the Brink of Extinction In Just a Decade

Remember the 2011 animation film, Rio? The main character was Blu, a Spix’s Macaw that was raised in captivity gets to Brazil and has to mate with the last wild member of... Read more »

Survival of the ‘Sluggish’: Slow Metabolism Linked to Lower Risk of Extinction

If you’re among those that are not pulling their weight, it’s time to rejoice. Well, it has nothing to do with humanity, but somehow other species pulled it through and postponed their... Read more »

Elephants are Immune to Cancer Due to their Zombie Gene

According to researchers, elephants’ unique gene gives them immunity to cancer or at least decrease their chances to get the disease. Their gene is called LIF6, or the Zombie gene is considered... Read more »

This Leatherback Turtle Should Motivate us to take more action in Protecting the Oceans

A video of a giant Leatherback turtle that returns to the sea was posted on Facebook and it should make us want to do everything in our power to protect the oceans.... Read more »

The Secret Of Why Elephants Get Cancer So Rarely Might Lead To A Cure

Apparently, elephants are really good at not getting cancers and scientists have tried for years to find out how is that possible. According to new research, they are able of bringing a... Read more »