The Secret Of Why Elephants Get Cancer So Rarely Might Lead To A Cure

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A “Video Game” Simulator Might Help Saving Beluga Whales

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Is Grain-Free Food Healthy For Your Dog? FDA Warns It May Be Linked to Heart Disease

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Scientists Say Killing Rats Could Save the Reefs

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What Happened to the Early North American Dogs? Study Shows How They’ve Died Off

According to a new study conducted by an international team, all that’s left from the first dogs of North America is a type of cancer spread to other dogs throughout the world.... Read more »

Right Whale Sighting Made DFO Close Another Fishing Area in Northern N.B.

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City Tests Garlic Spray to Keep Ticks Away

Who knew garlic could be the next best thing in repelling ticks? Kingston, Canada is the place where a garlic-based repellant has been used to keep ticks away from the city. Until... Read more »

Researchers Deliberately Spilled Oil in Northwestern Ontario Lake For a Study on Ecosystem

Over the past weekend, researchers went to northwestern Ontario and spilled diluted oilsands bitumen and crude oil into a lake. They are studying how the ecosystem responds to the substances. The project... Read more »

Why Did Daytime Animals Turn Into Night Owls? Scientists Have the Answer

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Hawaii’s Kilauea Volcano Destroyed Hundreds of Homes In Just One Night

In just one night, hundreds of other homes were destroyed by lava, which filled a rural area. The buildings were vacation houses, one of them belonging to Hawaii County Mayor Harry Kim.... Read more »