Mind-Blowing Image Of A Python Eating Up An Entire Crocodile

Both pythons and crocodiles are ferocious predators, and many creatures fear them. A photographer managed to capture a mind-blowing image of a python eating up an entire crocodile, featuring an Australian freshwater... Read more »

A new species of wild cat has been discovered in the island of Corsica

​The French Mediterranean island of Corsica is home to a newly discovered species of cat. The wild animal is extremely rare and mysterious, and it is larger than an ordinary cat. The... Read more »

Giant Bear-Sized Beavers Existed 50,000 Years Ago – What Led To Their Extinction?

Giant beavers with the size of a bear have walked the planet long ago. More specifically, they roamed the lakes and wetlands of North America. But it seems that these giant rodents... Read more »

Fossil Of Frankenstein Crustacean Discovered In The Andes Mountains

Not long ago, an interesting fossil was discovered by paleontologists. It seems to contain a weird-looking ancient crab that used to roam the Earth approximately 95 million years ago. The discovery was... Read more »

Fossilized Fish May Teach Us Details About The Day Dinosaurs Were Killed By The Asteroid That Hit Earth

We may be about to learn more details on the day when an asteroid hit Earth and killed the dinosaurs about 66 million years ago. And all this, thanks to the discovery... Read more »

The World’s Largest Largest T. Rex Found In Canada Might Have Been A Scavenger

Everyone knows T. rex, aka Tyrannosaurus Rex, one of the most popular dinosaurs of all time. The colossal animal has played both the hero and the villain is tons of movies, cartoons... Read more »

Researchers are Testing Genetically–Altered Mosquitoes

Mosquitos are one of the most hated insects but their days could be numbered. A team of researchers is currently testing genetically-altered mosquitos that have the potential to spread a lethal infection... Read more »

What Food Should You Feed Your Siberian Husky Pup?

If you are reading this article, you are either considering to get a Siberian Husky pup or already have one! Either way, the most important thing now is to make sure he... Read more »

Study Finds Human Mutation Rates Are Slower than Those of Our Primate Relatives

In a recent study published in Nature Ecology and Evolution, researchers from Aarhus University, Denmark, and Copenhagen Zoo have found that humans’ mutation rate is slower than the one of our primate... Read more »

Hawaiian Monk Seals Keep Ending Up With Eels Stuck Up Their Noses

Claire Simeone is a veterinarian, and monk seal expert in Hawaii discussed with The Washington Post and addressed the subject of seals getting eels stuck up its noses. There’s a picture of... Read more »