oprah golden globes speech

Watch Powerful Oprah Golden Globes Speech

Oprah: Golden Globes speech captivates millions When Oprah Winfrey talks, people listen and she had the stage all to herself last night at the Golden Globes. Winfrey, probably the most recognizable advocate... Read more »
golden retriever lifetime study

Golden Retriever Lifetime Study Could Uncover Cause Of Cancer

Golden Retriever Lifetime study aims to find what causes cancer in dogs The Golden Retriever has long been known as one of the friendliest dog breeds on the planet, a fact that... Read more »
Palm Springs city council LGBT

Palm Springs City Council LGBT Inclusive

Palm Springs city council entirely LGBT Who would have thought ten years ago that some day, an entire city council would ever be made up of individuals who identify as LGBT? Well... Read more »
global pact immigration refugees

US Pulls Out Of International Immigration Pact

The US is no longer part of an international pact aimed at improving global migration, a move that has made the UN very unhappy with President Trump.   “The role of the... Read more »
Chuck e cheese Regina guide dog ashley nemeth

Chuck E Cheese: You’re Not Bringing That Service Dog In Here

You would think that public establishments would’ve gotten the memo by now when it comes to service animals, but it appears that while they may have received it, Chuck E Cheese just... Read more »
libya women dead italy

More Than Two Dozen Women Die While Fleeing Libya

In horrific news out of Italy it is being reported that more than two dozen women have been found, dead at sea after a shipwreck off the coast of Libya a few... Read more »
michelle obama toronto equality

Michelle Obama Coming To Toronto

Michelle Obama is coming to Canada! On November 28 in Toronto’s Mattamy Centre, the former first lady will take to the stage to promote education and equality for girls and women as... Read more »
lgbtq refugees Canada

Advocates Question Government Commitment To LGTBQ Refugees

Although Canada is a pioneer when it comes to the ggrowing acceptance of the LGBT community, advocates are beginning to have doubts over funding issues that could reduce the number of LGBT... Read more »
Tapanuli orangutan Indonesia endangered species

New Species of Orangutan Identified in Indonesia

Indonesia is home to a surprising discovery of a new species of orangutan who according to scientists are already on the verge of becoming extinct. The orangutan, known as Tapanuli orangutan, were... Read more »
Chennel Rowe Brianna Brochu Hartford University bodily fluids

Black University Student Victim of Racial Hate Crime

In some disturbing news out of west Hartford, it has been reported that a 19 year old college student has been charged for smearing bodily fluids over her roommate’s belongings in what... Read more »