NASA Orbiter’s Latest Discovery On Mars Will Blow Your Mind – Someone Might Have Already Reached The Red Planet

Here on our beloved planet, we’re struggling with tons of preparations to send our very own kind to the Red Planet but, by the look of things, it seems that someone might... Read more »

Shocking New Type Of Galaxy Has Just Been Discovered

The astrophysicists from the University of Kansas have just discovered an extremely rare type of galaxy for the very first time. This will definitely change the experts’ understanding of how galaxies are... Read more »

Earth In Danger: Monstrous Superflares From The Sun To Cripple The Planet In The Next 100 Years

A superflare is a massive burst of charged particles, solar energy and cosmic radiation from the surface of a star. The solar flares have the potential to wipe out entire satellite networks... Read more »

Evaporation Of Black Holes – New Study Confirms Stephen Hawking’s Theory

Back in 1974, Stephen Hawking was making one of his most famous predictions – the one claiming that black holes can evaporate and disappear entirely in the end. According to his theory,... Read more »

Mars 3D Homes Approved By NASA For Building Before Humans Get There – See The Mind-Blowing Photos

We didn’t even set foot on the Red Planet, and NASA has already approved some 3D designs for habitats to be built there from materials that are available on Mars. Just in... Read more »

The Great Dying Déjà Vu: The Apocalyptic Scenery Resembles Today’s Conditions, Experts Say

A long time ago, life on Earth almost disappeared. You may know that this was The Great Dying, the biggest extinction that our planet has ever seen. It happened 250 million years... Read more »

Weird Galaxy Creeps Up On Milky Way – Fascinating Details Revealed

There’s an amazing photo that’s been captured by the Hubble Space Telescope, and it shows Messier 90. This is a spiral galaxy that is situated at about 60 million light-years from our... Read more »

Giant Bear-Sized Beavers Existed 50,000 Years Ago – What Led To Their Extinction?

Giant beavers with the size of a bear have walked the planet long ago. More specifically, they roamed the lakes and wetlands of North America. But it seems that these giant rodents... Read more »

Mars’ Passing Clouds Revealed By NASA Will Give You Goosebumps

NASA revealed some fantastic photographs of the clouds on Mars. These were taken by the Curiosity rover, and they’re genuinely mind-blowing. Just the idea that these are the clouds that you can... Read more »

The Key To Human Evolution May Be Locked In These Genes Discovered By Experts In Canada

Experts have just discovered that there are dozens of genes which are similar across various organisms are unique to humans. This could reportedly encapsulate the key to the evolution of species. The... Read more »