Passive Smoking Exposure Increases Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease Risk And Other Health Issues Among Kids

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A Low-Carb Diet May Not Be So Healthy After All, Latest Study Claims

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CBD Oil Can Help You Manage Your Weight, Latest Study Shows

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Hookah Smoking Is Not Healthier Than Traditional Cigarette Smoking – It Triggers High Cardiovascular Risks

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People Suffering From Obesity Who Carry The Flu Virus May Be Contagious For An Extended Time

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Potential Alien Contact? Canada’s New Radio Telescope CHIME Picks Up Bizarre Signal Coming From Deep Space

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Beware Of New Opioid Cocktail Called Purple Heroin – The Drug Is On The Streets Of Collingwood

Purple heroin is a new dangerous drug cocktail that includes synthetic opioids. Collingwood and The Blue Mountains OPP revealed that purple heroin was discovered by Collingwood officers during an investigation. Unfortunately, no... Read more »

Cannabis Oil With THC Could Reportedly Help Treat Dravet Syndrome That Causes Epilepsy

Experts and researchers from Toronto managed to find out what precise dosage of a specially formulated cannabis oil is safe enough to be tolerated by children suffering from Dravet syndrome. This is... Read more »

Teetotallers Are 50% More Prone To Develop Alzheimer’s Disease Compared To Moderate Drinkers

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FDA Warns Women That Vaginal Rejuvenation Can Trigger Pain And Burns

More and more women undergo vaginal rejuvenation procedure without being aware of the risks involved when unapproved devices are used. The Food and Drug Administration warned against the use of energy-based devices... Read more »