Slash Your Heart Attack Risk By 33% Eating This Snack

It seems that people can diminish the risks of having a heart attack by as much as 33% by eating a daily handful of pistachios nuts or cashew. These can slash the... Read more »

Young Blood Miracle Treatment: FDA Issues Forceful Warning Against Unproven Anti-Aging Transfusions

These days you have to be very careful who you believe when it comes to “miracle” treatments because the market is full of scams. Fighting aging and disease with scamming “treatments” The Food and... Read more »

Smoking Stops The Body From Fighting Cancer, Makes It Less Likely To Survive

The latest discovery could trigger more awareness of the dangers of smoking cigarettes. It seems that this unhealthy habit stops the human body from fighting deadly skin cancer, says the latest research.... Read more »

Spider Fossil Still Has Glowing Eyes From Over 100 Million Years Ago

A brand new spider fossil has been discovered, and it has a remnant of reflective eye tissue, reports Gizmodo. Spiders don’t usually appear in the fossil record because their very soft bodies... Read more »

NASA’s Latest Image With Mars’ Dunes: The “Ghost Dunes” May Hold Evidence Of Ancient Alien Life

An amazing image showing sand dunes on Mars has been released this week by NASA, reports Fox News. In the picture, it can be seen that the dunes boast an elongated crescent... Read more »

Survival Of Mankind Is Threatened By This Unexpected Catalyst Of Catastrophe

The survival of humankind is reportedly threatened by the collapsing number of insects which could lead to a catastrophic collapse of nature’s ecosystems. The very first global scientific meta-analysis, published in the... Read more »

The Color Of Our Oceans Is Changing Due To Global Warming

It seems that, according to the latest research, the color of our oceans will be a deeper blue and green by 2100 due to climate change. Huffington Post writes that global warming... Read more »

A Catastrophic Galactic Collision Knock Us Out Of The Milky Way And Send Us Into Interstellar Space

The latest research conducted by astrophysicists at Durham University, UK, predicts that the Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC) could hit the Milky Way in two billion years. It seems that this collision could... Read more »

NASA Defends Ultima Thule’s Name Amidst Issues Regarding Nazi Connections

Ultima Thule is an icy world that’s floating in the Kuiper Belt right at the edge of the solar system. It’s the most distant object that has ever been explored by humans... Read more »

Bizarre Hum Near Vancouver Island Could Predict The Next Deadly Earthquake & Tsunami

The latest massive earthquake in the Cascadia subduction zone was back in 1700. But according to the reports, it seems that there’s been a month-long “slow slip” of tectonic plates. Off the... Read more »