Jupiter Collision: The Planet Was Hit 4.5 Billion Years Ago

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Asteroid Landing Spot: NASA Attempts To Collect Samples On Sinister Bennu

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Space Travel Success: A Spacecraft Can Travel 3.6 Million Miles Per Day

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Sun Terror: NASA Releases Jaw-Dropping Footage Of Interplanetary Sun Shockwave From Explosion

Terrifying footage shows some particles hurtling away from the Sun. The interplanetary shockwave has been captured on video by NASA’s Magnetospheric Multiscale Mission (MMS). It’s been just reported that NASA released the... Read more »

Shocking Jupiter Asteroid Impact: The Planet Just Got Hit [Amazing Photos]

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Universe’s Oldest Star’s Corpse Was Found In The Most Unexpected Place

The Universe might be old, but it’s not that old that its earliest days cannot be known. The remains of one of the first starts in the Universe It’s been just reported... Read more »

New Mars Discoveries: Curiosity Rover Sends New Investigation Info

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Mars Unexpected Effects: Mission On The Red Planet Could Cause Brain Damage

A lot of experts have been talking about a mission to Mars, but there are some”side effects” that must be taken into consideration as well. CNN is addressing these in a recent... Read more »

Asteroid Shock: NASA’s Latest Reports Reveal New Data On A Huge Space Rock That Will Pass Us This Saturday

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Asteroid Tsunami Warning: The U.S. Coast Is In Danger, Says Famous Scientist

A scientist has a terrifying warning for the U.S. Express.co.uk. reports that an asteroid that would plunge into the Pacific Ocean would “wipe out the entire west coast of North America”, according... Read more »