Electronic Apocalypse: Solar Storm Behind Aurora Could Reportedly Overload All Electrical Devices On Earth

The Aurora is definitely one of nature’s beauties, but solar storms that create them are some massive beasts that have the ability to overload all electronic devices on the planet, The Daily... Read more »

Breakthrough Discovery, Contradicting The Dark Matter Theory: A Second Galaxy With No Dark Matter Was Found

Everything that has been previously known about the formation of galaxies might be about to change following the latest discovery. Back in March 2018, researchers at Yale University have presented the results... Read more »

Scientists Freak Out As Fossil Hunter Sells Baby T-Rex On eBay

In the world of science, researchers are usually extremely open regarding their work. A lot of them publish papers which are available to anyone who is interested in reading them and scientists... Read more »

Early Universe & Evolution: NASA Finds Evidence Of The Universe’s Primordial Molecule

The scientific world is celebrating an extraordinary discovery related to the origins of it all. Experts and scientists have been suspecting for a really long time that around 100,000 years after the... Read more »

Earth Was Hit By An Interstellar Object With Distant, Mysterious Origins Five Years Ago, Scientists Claim

Back in 2017, astronomers discovered the very first known interstellar object in the Solar System. It was ‘Oumuamua – a mysterious cigar-shaped celestial body that was identified as the first visitor from... Read more »

The Moon Is Alive: Water Can Burst Out Of The Lunar Surface Into Space, Says NASA

NASA just revealed, according to CNN, that meteorites could strike the moon and cause bursts of water to shoot from the ground into space. This has been revealed by a new study... Read more »

New “Super Earth” Planet Could Be Orbiting The Nearest Star To Our Sun

According to the latest reports coming from scientists, there might be a new planet orbiting the star closest to our sun. It seems that there are two planets that could be orbiting... Read more »

Football-Sized Deep-Sea Isopods Devour An Alligator In This Fascinating Video

Louisiana scientists have captured a video of some pretty huge bugs that are devouring a dead alligator. The alligator has been placed on the ocean floor in the Gulf of Mexico this... Read more »

SpaceX To Livestream Falcon Heavy Block 5 Launch Debut Today At 6:15 ET – Weather Holds 80% “Go” For Launch

SpaceX is just a few hours away from its planned launch debut of Falcon Heavy Block 5. This is without a doubt a milestone that will be the rocket’s second launch ever.... Read more »

Breakthrough Scientific Discovery: A ‘New State’ Of Matter, Both Solid & Liquid At The Same Time

Scientists have just discovered that atoms can exist in both solid and liquid state at the same time. This is the mindblowing news brought by the Daily Mail and more scientific publications.... Read more »