Massive Meteor Shower Will Light The Skies This Weekend – October’s Orionid Meteor Showe

This weekend, the skies will be beautifully painted. Earlier this month, Squamish residents did not get to see the Draconid Meteor Showe, but now, they will get a chance to see an... Read more »

More Cases Of Mysterious Paralyzing Disease, Flaccid Myelitis, Reported In 22 U.S. States – Cause Remains Unknown

An unknown disease has been plaguing more and more states in the U.S. The U.S. Health officials reported yesterday a jump in cases of a very rare paralyzing illness in children. It seems... Read more »

NASA Plans To Send Humans To Venus, But It’s A Hellish Destination

Venus has been depicted in sci-fi books and movies as a location with warm and pleasant temperatures, swamps, forests, and even dinosaurs! But unfortunately, things don’t stand this way. As it was... Read more »

Climate Change Effects Are Mirrored By Insects After Birds And Bees

  After birds and bees, now the effects of the climate change are mirrored by insects and arthropods as well. These suffered massive losses, says a study from a Puerto Rico forest... Read more »

Can The Flu Vaccine Give You Flu? Flu-Related Myths Debunked Once And For All

Some people might have decided not to get a flu vaccine because they believe that it gives you flu. But, the NHS in Gloucestershire wants to set things straight once and for... Read more »

The Oldest Evidence Of Animal Life Changes Timeline Of Evolution With 100 Million Years

The timeline of evolutions is not quite as we knew it by now. Scientists have recently discovered the oldest molecular sign of animal life. Surprisingly, this did not come from prehistoric bones.... Read more »

Fasting Regimens Can Help People Diagnosed With Diabetes, Canadian Study Says

A recent Canadian study suggests that occasional fasting is able to help control type 2 diabetes. This could turn out a really simple but highly effective tool for the millions who are... Read more »

Virtual Reality Can Relieve Pain And Anxiety In Children Following Surgery

  VR and medicine work great together. Latest reports say that only one in five children needs more pain medication for relieving post-surgical anxiety and pain after they have been given therapy... Read more »

The Threat Of AI: Stephen Hawking Predicted That A Race Of Superhumans Will Destroy Humanity

Stephen Hawking used to believe that developments in genetic science would lead to future generations of superhumans that could have the power to destroy the rest of humanity. In recently published material,... Read more »

New Computational Model That Links Family Members Can Be Used To Solve Crimes

A group of experts has developed a brand new computational model that links family members. It uses genealogical and law-enforcement databases. The data can be used in crime solving, and that’s what... Read more »