Two Meteor Showers Will Light Up The Sky At The End Of July

In just a few days, more particularly on July 29th and July 30th, people will be able to be witness two cosmic events: meteor showers. The two meteor showers will be distinctive... Read more »

Zombie Tree Stump Is Alive Thanks To The Other Trees Around It

Thanks to the roots of the trees that are neighboring a tree stump found in a shrouded New Zealand forest, it keeps itself alive using the grafted root system to exchange resources... Read more »

Ancient Meteorite Impact Traces Found In Florida Clams Fossils

Glass beads, resembling pearls have been discovered in fossil clams in Sarasota County, Florida. Researchers are saying that these clams fossils contain remnants of an ancient meteorite. Further analysis suggests these are... Read more »

Astronomers Mapped The ‘Local Void’ Just Outside The Milky Way Galaxy

The collaboration between an astronomer from the Institute for Astronomy of the University of Hawaii and a team of international researchers has resulted in a far-reaching map of the Local Void of... Read more »

Stunning Photo Of The ISS Passing in Front of The Sun Captured by a Photographer

Rainee Colacurcio is the photographer that shot the breath-taking composite picture which NASA selected as the best astronomy picture of the day. The International Space Station (the ISS) is at 250 miles... Read more »

A New Treatment for Cancer Found in the Cuttlefish Ink

Researchers found that the black substance used by cuttlefish to frighten the predators contains something interesting, which are nanoparticles that could inhibit the increase of cancerous tumors in mice. Pang-Hu Zhou, a... Read more »

SpaceX Dragon Cargo To Launch Aboard Falcon 9 Towards The ISS On July 24th

The new SpaceX Dragon Cargo mission is a couple of days away from launch aboard Falcon 9, the California-based rocket builder aiming to have everything ready for July 24th. The mission consists... Read more »

Aliens On Mars – NASA Officials Are Confident That There Is Life On The Red Planet

NASA is like an anthill, incessantly making preparations and creating new technologies each day in preparation for a future human mission to Mars. We should not forget the latest discovery of the... Read more »

ESA’s Gaia Is Working Hard To Map The Entire Milky Way Galaxy

The batch of data sent by Gaia in 2018 offered a large amount of new information which changed many fields of astronomy. It allowed researchers to create a complex catalog which highlights... Read more »

Ancient Settlement of 9,000 Years Old Unearthed In Israel

One of the most significant settlements in the world was discovered by archaeologists in Israel, near Jerusalem. The archaeologists believe that the ancient settlement is 9,000 years old, having been built in... Read more »