The Extinction of Dinosaurs Continues to Fascinate Researchers

Many scientists are still wondering what caused the extinction of dinosaurs and how did life managed to bounce back after the cataclysm. A team of researchers from the University of Duhoc is... Read more »

The Global Warming could Kill most of the Life from Earth

Recent findings reveal some shocking news about the first mass extinction that happened on Earth. The Great Extinction took place 250 million years ago and it is dated approximately at the Permian... Read more »

A New Test Can Detect Cancer In Just 10 Minutes Using Gold Particles

Cancer remains one of the most devastating diseases on Earth, especially since there is not cure for it. Therefore, cancer prevention can be vital. It is not always simple to detect it... Read more »

New Dark Fluid Theory Seeks to Explain the Mystery of Dark Matter

The elusive nature of dark matter has continued to fascinate science for decades. A lost theory that was elaborated by Albert Einstein may finally offer a solution. It is generally agreed that... Read more »

Threatened Seal Species Face an Unusual Enemy

The Hawaiian monk seal has been added to the endangered species list as a variety of issues ranging from diseases to getting caught in fish nets has been plaguing the species. A... Read more »

Bad Sleeping Habits can Lead to Cardiac Problems

Sleeping habits, including the number of daytime naps, can influence the appearance and evolution of cardiovascular disease according to a recently published study. The research explored the relationship between sleeping patterns and... Read more »

Scientists to Discover Canada’s Largest Cave

A discovery was recently made by a helicopter team in British Columbia, Canada, during a usual aerial survey. It’s been said that Crewmembers saw an opening of a huge cave that no... Read more »

Scientists Decided to Turn off the World’s Most Powerful Particle Accelerator

The Large Hadron Collider, also known as LHC, is the world’s most powerful particle accelerator. It is situated in Geneva, Switzerland, near the Swiss-French border and ”lives” in a 17-mile ring. So... Read more »

How Demographics Impact Internet Use

Over the last decade, the use of technology across all generations has been steadily on the rise. As a matter of fact, the gap between senior citizens’ and millennials’ use of internet... Read more »

The international Team of Astronauts took off for their Mission on the International Space Station

Many ”space geeks” already know that a team of astronauts was getting ready for an important mission on the International Space Station. The last month has been very intense for three brave... Read more »