Galaxy Scarcity Discovered due to the Early Opaque Universe

Everbody knows that the Universe is kept together by a black cosmic web which nowadays has become almost transparent due to ultraviolet radiation. The web has not the same density over the... Read more »

You can conserve half the planet without starving

Every day 386,000 new babies are born into the world and at the same time, according to scientists, between one and 100 species go extinct. These species mainly disappear because of habitat... Read more »

New Technology that will Revolutionize the Protein Analysis

A team of scientists from McGill University has recently announced that they developed a new technology which can streamline the analysis of proteins, making this process faster and more effective. Widely regarded... Read more »

CO2 may be Removed from the Atmosphere

Magnesite is the mineral which has the ability to store carbon dioxide, and scientist has found a quick way to produce it. The global warming effect of atmospheric CO2 can be minimized... Read more »

The Single Sample that can Detect Hundreds of Proteins

A team of scientists from the McGill University developed a new technology which might come in handy when it comes to the analysis of proteins. This technology offers a cost-effective, quick, and... Read more »

Black Hole Discovered In The Middle Of A Dwarf Galaxy Raises New Hypothesis

A new discovery has been made by scientists: a supermassive black hole in the center of a dwarf galaxy, Fornax UCD3, which is part of a type of galaxies that are considered... Read more »

Super Gel Used For Building Skyscrapers Might Help Us Once We Colonize Mars

The researchers from CU Boulder have successfully developed a super-insulating gel capable of greatly increasing the energy efficiency of skyscrapers or other buildings. Someday, it may help the people that will colonize... Read more »

Apparently, meteorite impacts lead to forming our oldest rocks

When meteorites hit our Earth, they brought extreme temperatures with each impact. That’s how some of the oldest rocks from our planet might have formed. Examples, please Let’s take, for example, the... Read more »

The Mysterious Color Patterns on Jupiter are Finally Explained

The unusual swirls of colors on Jupiter have long been a subject of our curiosity and the scientists have been trying to solve their mystery for decades. However, with a new study... Read more »

How Did the ‘OMG Particle’ Came Into Existence?

There are some cosmic rays that are so small and destructive that they are currently cutting through your DNA. To be fair, they are not even rays, but electrons, protons, helium or... Read more »