New Study: Gravitational Waves Are Leaving Marks

Gravitational waves are disturbances in the fabric of space-time because of the accelerating masses, and the accelerated masses are propagated as waves from the primary source at the speed of light. The... Read more »

Giant Apophis Asteroid Will Pass Next to Earth in 2029

Friday the 13th might sound like an unlucky date, but it might be in fact one of the luckiest days in the existence of humanity. Apophis asteroid is a 340-meter wide asteroid... Read more »

Newly Discovered Foal Buried in the Siberian Permafrost for 42.000 Years Could be Cloned

An exciting discovery has been made in Russia! An extinct species of a horse was found buried 30 meters deep in the Siberian permafrost for 42.000 years. The Foal is from the... Read more »

The Role of Gaming in our Fascination with Space

Last year marked the 40-year anniversary of what is arguably the most popular and famous video game of all time. Space Invaders is a game that defined a generation, and even more... Read more »

How did Ultima Thule Appear?

Ultima Thule or how scientists know it, 2014 MU69, can be seen now in more detailed pictures. The New Horizons probe transmitted the latest images of the body, and it keeps sending... Read more »

Negative Emotions can Affect Physical Health

A new study explores the tie between negative feeling and their effect on physical health, and the results are quite interesting. It appears that depression and anxiety may lead to the same... Read more »

Scientists Have A New Theory About Tornado Formation

Scientists made a revolutionary discovery regarding tornadoes. Until now it was believed that they form in the sky and then reach the Earth. However, it appears that this theory might be wrong,... Read more »

The Authorities’ Distribution of Free Narcan Could Save Lives in the Opioid Crisis from Pennsylvania

The opioid crisis seems to have emerged with unstoppable force in Pennsylvania. A simple comparison with the national average shows that this state continues to report a double rate of deaths caused... Read more »

The Extinction of Dinosaurs Continues to Fascinate Researchers

Many scientists are still wondering what caused the extinction of dinosaurs and how did life managed to bounce back after the cataclysm. A team of researchers from the University of Duhoc is... Read more »

The Global Warming could Kill most of the Life from Earth

Recent findings reveal some shocking news about the first mass extinction that happened on Earth. The Great Extinction took place 250 million years ago and it is dated approximately at the Permian... Read more »