Tafenoquine Approved by FDA as a New Malaria Drug

The newest drug for treating malaria has been approved by authorities from the US, which was made especially for recurring malaria. 8.5 million of people got sick each year, an infection caused... Read more »

Scenes from Apollo 11 Moon Landing Uncover the Outside of the Outbreak

After 49 years, the sequence from Apollo 11 appeared. Some of the pictures are not focused, others look accidental taken. The one who scanned the pictures and posted them on Flickr, has... Read more »

Car-Sized NASA Closer To The Sun

NASA is getting ready to launch a derrick in August to study the Sun closer than anyone ever has, revealing more mysteries behind the star. “Parker Solar Probe” is scheduled to be... Read more »

Earth Enters New Geological Age Named Meghalayan

According to the International Stratigraphy Commission (ISC) Earth has entered in a new Geological age: The Meghalayan, considered being the third and lasting since the Holocene era started almost twelve thousand years... Read more »

An Astonishing Blood Moon Phenomenon on July 27

The “blood moon” has always been considered an omen of the coming of the end times, as the Book of Joel shows, where it is written, “the sun will turn into darkness,... Read more »

The Risk of Developing Breast Cancer can be Lowered by Eating Vegetables and Fruits

A recent study published in the International Journal of Cancer suggests that high consumption of vegetables and fruits can lower the risk of developing breast cancer in women. What the researchers found... Read more »

DNA Modifications Could have Dangerous Side Effects in the Future

DNA modification is one of the most important discoveries in modern science. Genetic editing technique CRISPR has shown so far that it has the potential to treat the most difficult conditions, but... Read more »

The Simulator that Instructs Physicians Better than a Teacher

Technology and especially new appliances make doctors work much easier. Researchers have created a device whereby they can improve their performance with injections. Administration of certain injections, such as epidurals, can be... Read more »

A Brand New Picture of Neptune was Taken Using Cutting-edge Optics Technology

A new picture of Neptune was taken by astronomers, with the help of The European Southern Observatory’s Very Large Telescope (VLT), which is located in the Atacama Desert, Chile. Innovative technology allowed... Read more »

Englefeld Hogfest: 11 People Infected with Salmonella

According to the Saskatchewan Health Authority, 11 people have been infected with salmonella after eating at Englefeld Hogfest, an event that took place on June 30th. Those affected are showing typical symptoms... Read more »