Turmeric: Is It Really Good for Our Health?

If you have a health problem, chances are there’s someone that is studying the fact that turmeric may have caused it. Presently, there are more than 15,000 manuscripts which were published about... Read more »

That E. Coli Outbreak to Be Caused by Cow Poop?

It’s currently been some time since the developing season for romaine lettuce in Yuma, Arizona. The region drew some conclusion, and it was a quite intriguing year for farmers in the territory.... Read more »

Alberta Can Now Benefit from a Tuberculosis Drug that Cuts Down on Treatment Time

Although this tuberculosis drug isn’t licensed for use in Canada, Alberta has gained easier access. It is believed that this is an option that works better than conventional medicine, according to what... Read more »

New Rogue Planet Discovered by Astronauts

Apparently, outside our solar system astronomers came up across a giant planet, 12 times bigger than Jupiter. The curious thing about this planet is not just its immense size but also the... Read more »

Mysterious Radio Signals from Space Detected

Astronomers detected an intense radio burst that hit Earth, the strange thing being that they don’t know where it came from. This one is really low (approximately 580 megahertz), about 200 MHz... Read more »

Old Soviet Experiment may Explain how we Domesticated Animals

Soviet researchers started a strange experiment in 1959. They planned to create tame foxes, which could become potential pets as they wouldn’t be afraid of humans. They selected the friendliest individuals that... Read more »

First Batch of Christa McAuliffe’s Lessons Released by NASA

The first batch of lessons made by astronaut Christa McAuliffe was released; 32 years after the Challenger tragedy took place. A video of astronaut-educator Ricky Arnold in which he performs one of... Read more »

Planet at the Verge of Overheating – New Reports Says

The planet is at risk of overheating, temperatures will be 4-5 degrees Celsius higher than previously recorded; greenhouse emissions register higher levels, new reports show. A report published on Monday in the... Read more »

An Underwater Mausoleum where People Bury their Loved Ones Helps Marine Life Thrive

An atypical resting place, located three miles off the coast of Key Biscayne, Florida, allows people to bury the ashes of their loved ones in the deep blue waters. This memorial that... Read more »

A New Planet that Does not Orbit any Star has been Discovered

A new discovery has been made in the scientific world, one that captures our attention. A new planet, which is 12 times bigger than Jupiter, has been discovered outside our solar system... Read more »