SpaceX First Set Of 60 Starlink Satellites Finally Launched In Space On Thursday

The SpaceX spacecraft carrying the 60 satellites into space on was finally launched in space on Thursday after the lofting was delayed several times. This is reported to be the most massive... Read more »

Ancient Fungi Might Have Played an Essential Role in the Formation of Complex Life on Earth

Fungi are susceptible to the environment in which they live, and the chance to find fungi fossils is scarce. The recent discovery of a new fossil has changed what researchers think about... Read more »

First-Ever Image Of A Gamma-Rays Burst On Earth Obtained By Scientists

There is no higher energy form in the universe than gamma-rays. They come from extreme events happening in distant galaxies like suns exploding, collisions of extremely dense neutron stars, black holes swallowing... Read more »

NASA Is Preparing to Launch Life Forms in Space Once Again

NASA is currently preparing for launching a 14 kilograms satellite that will be the first one to carry life forms in space since 1972. Obviously, a handful of microbes are sent to... Read more »

The Moon Might Have Been Hit by a Dwarf Planet Which Left It Lopsided

Although being so close to us and also being the object of interest of many studies and research conducted by humans, the Moon has yet a lot of mysteries to uncover. Such... Read more »

Researchers Created the Loudest Achievable Underwater Sound

Besides something we hear, the sound is also a unique physical phenomenon, namely a wave of pressure that echoes through the air, and even water. Apparently, only insanely loud sounds can reverberate... Read more »

Planet Nine Groundbreaking Study Gets Astronomers Closer To Finding Its Orbit

The existence of Planet Nine has remained one of the most controversial topics in the scientific community. Many argue that the elusive planet could be located near the distant borders of the... Read more »

NASA’s Strategy To Build A Moon Base Revealed

Almost two months ago, Vice President Mike Pence gave NASA orders to find a way to return to the Moon by 2024. Since then, engineers have been working to create a plan... Read more »

Lunar Dust Could Hamper The Future Moon Missions

The iconic Apollo missions are known by many people. It is likely that most people who think about them are aware of the fact that the astronauts faced some hardships. But few... Read more »

Lunar Colonists Can Live Inside The Moon’s Craters, According To A NASA Scientist

A NASA scientist allegedly claimed that astronauts embarking for Moon could live inside the craters on the lunar surface, which were created by lava. During an ‘ask me anything’ session on Reddit,... Read more »