Hubble Space Telescope Might Operate Until 2025

The Hubble Space Telescope is the iconic spacecraft of NASA, launched in 1990 in Earth’s orbit from where it pleased us with hundreds of fascinating images of planets in our Solar System,... Read more »

Mysterious Black Hole Is Wandering Through Milky Way

Scientists now believe they’ve observed a Jupiter-sized, mysterious black hole that’s occasionally wandering through Milky Way galaxy. As we already know, astronomers cannot directly see black holes, but they detected a sort... Read more »

Artificial Meteor Shower To Rain Down On Earth Soon, Thanks To A Japanese Firm

A Japanese firm is set to launch a satellite which would carry out a series of experiments to pave the way to for the world’s first artificial meteor shower which would rain... Read more »

Earth’s Tilt Could Accelerate Antarctica Ice Loss

Besides the surge in greenhouse gas emissions which exacerbate global warming, the Antarctic ice loss will also become more sensitive to the Earth’s tilt, at an astronomical scale. According to a new... Read more »

Artificial Intelligence Can Now Diagnose PTSD

PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) is a mysterious, debilitating mental condition that affects many people around the world. Across Canada, PTSD is also particularly common, so any new methods to tackle it are more... Read more »

A Scientist Anticipated The Ultima Thule “Snowman” Appearance 40 Years Ago

NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft returned a series of images on January 2nd, showing the Ultima Thule space object in the Kuiper Belt. We’ve learned back then that Ultima Thule is formed by two united... Read more »

Steam-Powered Spaceships Would Fly Through Space Indefinitely Without Running Out Of Fuel

Imagine a spacecraft capable of cruising in the Universe forever, without depending on combustible or solar power. That would be the future of space travel, for sure, and we’re not talking about nuclear-based... Read more »

China Is Growing Cotton Plants On The Dark Side Of The Moon

China undoubtedly has the most ambitious space program at the moment, surpassing NASA by far, at least for now. Not only that the Chinese space agency sent a lunar lander to the... Read more »

Alien Life: Icy Moons Might Be Dead On The Inside

For dozens of years, icy moons such as Europa of Jupiter and Saturn’s Enceladus have been the ideal candidates for alien life. Both these moons, among others in the Solar System and... Read more »

Bacteria That Produce Electricity, Found By MIT Scientists

Deep underwater, in mines, and even in the human gut, bacteria are some microscopic power plants. These microorganisms generate electricity to adapt to the harsh conditions they live in and survive them.... Read more »