Spinning Black Holes Observed With The Help of The Chandra X-Ray Observatory

Space scientists succeeded something that has never been done before: they captured images of spinning black holes. Rotating black holes are what the name implies: black holes that revolve around one of... Read more »

New Camera Type For Recording Light Polarization Created By Scientists

A new type of camera which can measure the full light polarization has been created by a team of American researchers. The remarkable device employs a custom metasurface filled with nanopillars, which... Read more »

Hubble Space Telescope Celebrates The US Independence Day With Images Of Eta Carinae In Red, White, And Blue

The US Independence Day, celebrated on the 4th of July, is right today. And what better way to celebrate it than with fireworks, but now just any kind of fireworks – stellar... Read more »

Alien Civilization Might Be Behind The Mysterious Dips In The Light Of Two Distant Stars

Astronomers have discovered that a couple of stars approximately 360 light-years away experienced 28 dips in their light during 87 days. These features would usually point to an orbiting system of planets,... Read more »

Quantum Information Teleported Into Diamonds For First Time In Physics

Well, hold onto your seats because teleportation is real and people are doing it now. Researchers say they have teleported quantum information between cities and even in space. Furthermore, a team from... Read more »

British Columbia ​Predicted To Have A Summer Filled With Wildfires

Specialists predict that Canadian province British Columbia​ is prone to encounter another arid summer, filled with smoke from wildfires. When the smoke covered Metro Vancouver the previous summer, many residents had to... Read more »

NASA Plans To Send A Space Probe, Dagonfly, to Saturn’s Moon Titan

NASA has recently stated that it will be sending a probe to Titan, the largest natural satellite that orbits Saturn. Designated “Dragonfly,” it has the ability to fly within the moon’s atmosphere... Read more »

The ISS Astronauts Snapped The Raikoke Volcano Eruption From Space

The astronauts who are aboard the International Space Station have managed to photograph the incredible eruption of the Raikoke volcano. The Raikoke volcano is located in the Russian Kamchatka Peninsula. It erupted... Read more »

Canadian Astronaut David Saint-Jacques Returns Home After 204 Days On The ISS

On June 25th Canadian astronaut David Saint-Jacques, Anne McClain, and Oleg Kononenko landed in Kazakhstan after six months on the International Space Station. While David Saint-Jacques is a Canadian astronaut, Anne McClain... Read more »

Most Groundbreaking Discoveries About The Universe That Science Revealed

The Big Bang took place approximately 13.8 billion years ago, giving birth to the universe as we know it. Before the explosion, all of the material that currently makes up the entire... Read more »