Hot-Jupiter Exoplanets Have Impressive Magnetic Fields

A team of researchers explored a large number of exoplanets in an attempt to learn more about their magnetic fields. Giant gas planets which have an orbit that brings them close to... Read more »

Moon and Mars Missions Might Not Be Enough – Alpha Centauri Is The Next Target

America’s symbol of greatness and humanity’s monumental achievement remains the moment the lunar surface was touched by Neil Armstrong’s foot. Many political campaign ads make use of this while the nation has... Read more »

The Intergalactic Space Is In A Continuous Movement

The spaces between the galaxies, compared to the galaxies themselves, also known as the intergalactic space, have more matter, and they can stretch millions of light-years across appearing to be empty. What... Read more »

Virgin Orbit To Collaborate With UK’s RAF To Launch Small Satellites Using Airplanes

The billionaire Richard Branson bakes up a small satellite launch company, Virgin Orbit, which will be the developer of U.K.’s Royal Air Force (RAF)’s small satellite launch capabilities as says the agreement... Read more »

NASA and ESA Are Working on Strategies for the Gateway Lunar Outpost

NASA and ESA have been hard at work in the recent months, and the two agencies have created a new strategy for the lunar Gateway project which focuses on the trajectory that... Read more »

Moon Lava Tunnels Might Be The Home For Future Moon Colonists

Lava tunnels were discovered on the Moon in 2017 by Purdue University researchers. It is believed that these tubes could offer shelter for astronauts and future Moon colonists from the inhospitable conditions... Read more »

Human DNA Is Harmed By Sunlight, But Its Repair Mechanisms Attempt To Fix The Lesions

A new study, issued in the Nucleic Acids Research journal and named “Structure and mechanism of pyrimidine-pyrimidone (6-4) photoproduct recognition by the Rad4/XPC nucleotide excision repair complex”, came with a new understanding... Read more »

ISU Planetarium Free Show on Magnetic Pole Reversal

If you are a fan of astronomy and if you also live in the state of Illinois then you’re in luck. The planetarium within Illinois State University will host a free program.... Read more »

NASA Builds LEMUR, A Robot That Can Climb

NASA has just officially announced that it is developing a type of robot that can do more than drive and explore: these machines can climb. The device has been dubbed LEMUR (Limbed... Read more »

​Earth’s Core Leaks Material Into The Planet’s Mantle

Our planet’s magnetic field is what defends us and makes the Earth habitable by impeding dangerous high-energy particles from space, including from the Sun. The origins of this magnetic field are the... Read more »