Dark Energy Experiment Failed To Find Reliable Detection Methods

A team of researchers analyzed the popular theory of dark energy but found no proof of new forces, which leads to intense duress on associated hypothesizes. Dark energy is what scientists call... Read more »

Scientists Focus More On Neutrinos, Smallest Particles In The Universe

We are talking about the most underestimated particles in the Universe, even if at one moment in time, they were taking into consideration. Neutrino is the name of some of these smallest... Read more »

New State of Matter Discovered by Physicists

Recently, a team of physicists announced that they came across a new state of matter that can set in motion essential advances in quantum computing and device storage. This new state of... Read more »

Ground-dwelling Dinosaur With Bird-like Features Discovered

Almost two decades ago, in the world of palaeontology, a surprising discovery has been made when no one ever thought it will happen. A team of paleontologists unearthed from deep beneath the... Read more »

NASA is Keeping Track of Greenland’s Melting Ice and the Situation is Not Looking Good

A research plane flying over Greenland’s rippling icefields 500 feet below analyzed the current state of the ice, which is as big as a 15 story building in certain areas. Kangerlussuaq, one... Read more »

The Moon Is Brighter Than The Sun In Images Shared By NASA’s Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope

Newly surfaced images provided by one of the highest astronomical technologies deliver us one of a kind opportunity to see how the Moon is brighter than the Sun, in some images that... Read more »

NASA Is Developing New Mars Exploration Robots

The Curiosity rover has been an efficient and useful tool for scientists at NASA in their research on Mars. However, its only flaw is that it can not climb walls or scale... Read more »

Sturgeon Moon Will Light Up Vancouver Skies Tonight

From Wednesday night to Thursday morning, a bright full moon, the Sturgeon Moon, will reign over Vancouver skies. It is not the first time the Lower Mainland was rewarded with the sight... Read more »

Martian Winds Are Not The Cause Of Methane On Mars

As new research resurfaces, we learn more about the methane from Mars and the real fact that it didn’t come from Martian winds. Scientists also explain some of the most intriguing things... Read more »

Another Giant Asteroid To Pass Close To Earth This Month

These days, it seems that space agencies like NASA and ESA are issuing more and more warnings in regards to asteroids that come very close to Earth in their journey into space.... Read more »