Scientists Discovered Why Protons And Neutrons Act Differently Inside An Atom

Science is behind all the achievements of humanity, and it helps us understand the world. However, there are numerous things left to discover or understand. The good news is that we are... Read more »

Telemedicine Solutions Help Improve Mental Health While Creating Strong Relationships Between Therapists And Patients

Telehealth or telemedicine has been slowly but surely penetrating the traditional healthcare system thanks to the many benefits that it brings for everyone involved. Mental health is a fundamental issue, and unfortunately,... Read more »

The Remains Of A Massive Ancient Herbivore Were Discovered By Scientists

Scientists from Poland made an amazing discovery recently. They found the remains of a huge creature which appeared to live on our planet more than 200 million years ago. The giant was... Read more »

Superhumans to Destroy the Human Race According to Hawking

Professor Stephen Hawking wrote in his last book Brief Answers to the Big Questions which was published six months after his death, about a new race of superhumans that will take over... Read more »

Three Giant Asteroids are Heading Towards Earth

Three giant asteroids are heading towards our planet as they will pass by us at an incredible speed, one after another, with the first one coming at around 3.13 pm BST. It... Read more »
Raif Badawi:

Raif Badawi: Saudi embassy calls on Canada to stop its interventions

The Saudi ambassador to Canada urges the Trudeau government to respect the decisions of the courts of the kingdom and to stop meddling with Raif Badawi. On the sidelines of a rare... Read more »
Omar Khadr

An apology and 10 million for Omar Khadr

The Trudeau government will offer an apology and compensation of at least $ 10 million to child soldier Omar Khadr for the abuse he suffered while being imprisoned for terrorism at the... Read more »