Researchers Got Mice Dependent on Nicotine to See If They Can Lose Fat

Whenever smokers gave up cigarettes, they would notice weight gain. In a new study conducted by researchers at the University of Michigan Life Sciences Institute, mice were used to prove how nicotine... Read more »

Daily Routines Are Great For Mental Health, Claims a New Study

It’s bound to happen one night, when you can’t seem to fall asleep. The next day is going to be awful as you try to stay awake and be productive. But how... Read more »

Meat Pie Is Not The Healthy Protein in Your Diet, According to Scientists

If you think that meat pie, burgers or pizza with meat is protein, then we have some bad news. This is not what scientists call a high protein healthy diet! A survey... Read more »

Earth is a Desert Compared to Planets and Moons in the Solar System

We might think that our planet is soaked, but compared to other places in the solar system, it’s quite dry! Looking at the size of the moons or planets in our solar... Read more »

Canadians That Live in Rural Areas Are Happier Than The Ones Living in the City

It looks like the big city doesn’t sound appealing at all, and according to a study, there’s a new reason to move to the countryside. Researchers at the University of British Columbia... Read more »

Exposure to Hormone-Disrupting Chemicals Can Increase Obesity Rates

A research study from the Universities of Aveiro and Beira Interior, Portugal, has analyzed how some common chemicals can increase our risk of becoming overweight and obese. Previous studies pointed out that... Read more »

Carved Idol Found In the Urals Sheds a New Light on Ritual Art

When gold prospectors started digging in the Shigir peat bog in the Ural Mountains, on 24 January 1894, they found some carved pieces of wood that looked quite strange. There were ten... Read more »

Over 700 People In Iran Got Poisoned After Eating Wild Mushrooms: 9 Deaths, Dozens in Critical Condition

The emergency service in Iran faced a challenge when over 700 people arrived at the hospital with poisoning after eating wild mushrooms. The emergency services spokesman, Mojtaba Khalidi, stated: “The latest emergency... Read more »

Viagra and a Flu Vaccine Could Help Fight Against Cancer

A new research conducted by the Ottawa Hospital discovered a new treatment for cancer after the surgery. A combination of common treatments can help the immune system to fight against cancer cells... Read more »

Hitler Died in 1945, According to New Analysis of His Teeth

Forget about the conspiracy theories, because scientists have new proof that Hitler is actually dead. He died in 1945 in Berlin, after taking cyanide and a bullet, said French researchers who looked... Read more »