65 Million-Year-Old Fossils Uncovered By Saskatchewan Scientists

Scientists at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum had a busy summer. Together with students and volunteers, they looked for dinosaur traces, and their work was not in vain. They found a skull of... Read more »

NASA Plans to Use Lunar Dust to Create A Base on the Moon

The American space agency is working on the mission that will send humans back to the Moon but in a sustainable manner. Jim Bridenstine, NASA’s administrator, claimed that the next mission wouldn’t... Read more »

Cutting Out Junk Food We Lower the Risk of Developing Cancer, Shows Major European Study

Research recently published in PLOS Medicine gathered data on the eating habits of people from the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Spain, Norway, Denmark and the Netherlands and found that ditching... Read more »

UBC Study Shows Why People Are Lazy: It’s How the Brain Is Wired

Researchers at the University of British Columbia have found that we are lazy because of the way our brain is wired. Their findings were published in the Neuropsychologia, explaining why society got... Read more »

Gulf of St. Lawrence Would Soon Remain Out of Oxygen, Unable to Support Marine Life

A new study led by researchers at the University of Washington was published in Nature Climate Change on 17 September, warning that the Gulf of St. Lawrence has lost so much oxygen... Read more »

Former President of the American College of Cardiology Says “No One Should Be Doing Keto Diet”

A lot of popular keto diets are based on wrong science, says Dr. Kim Williams. It seems that eating only meat, eggs and fat instead of adding some carbs too is not... Read more »

The Mystery Passenger To Travel Around the Moon With SpaceX’s BFR Was Announced

SpaceX finally revealed who will be the first private passenger on the BFR that will go on a rocket trip around the moon. It will be Yusaku Maezawa, the 42-year-old Japanese entrepreneur... Read more »

Researchers Find Air Pollution Particles Inside Mothers’ Placentas

Researchers at Queen Mary University in London have presented their study at the European Respiratory Society International Congress in Paris recently and showed that there is evidence of air pollution particles in... Read more »

Blood Tests Can Show The Time In your Body: Are You “a Morning Lark or a Night Owl”?

A lot of people perceive time differently, and that’s because we all have a personal clock – our internal circadian time. But how do we know if our body is more of... Read more »

Elon Musk Reveals Images of the BFR Just In time For the Announcement of the Passenger Who Would Fly Around the Moon

Just before midnight, Elon Musk twitted two new renders of the forthcoming BFR, making people on Twitter go crazy and asking for more information. We wrapped up as much as we could... Read more »