Black Hole Collided With A Neutron Star, And Astronomers Observed The Event

The monsters of the Universe, black holes, can take everything in their chaotic dance through outer space. But what could happen when a black hole meets a neutron star? Recently, quite an... Read more »

Hurricane Disaster: ‘Prepare Your Family’ – Officials Say This Season Will Be Worse Than Usual

You may be aware of the fact that hurricane season is underway and really powerful storms are developing in both the Pacific and the Atlantic oceans since back in June. Officials revealed... Read more »

Rare, Superdeep Diamonds Unveiled Earth’s Hidden Mysteries

Some of the earliest secrets of Earth could understand and analyze better with the help of some rare, superdeep diamonds. How were they created and what impact it has on our planet,... Read more »

Asteroid Doomsday: Massive Space Rock Similar To The One That Killed Dinosaurs Is Heading Our Way

There’s a massive space rock that’s currently heading our way, according to the latest reports. And to make things even worse, it seems that this asteroid is comparable to the one that... Read more »

Neanderthals Were Adapted To Spending Time Underwater

Neanderthals were a species of archaic humans who are now extinct. They lived in the Eurasia region from 400,000 to 40,000 years ago. The Neanderthals were hunters; therefore, they created stone tools... Read more »

Eight New Fast Radio Bursts Detected In Deep Space

Researchers are working hard of one of the biggest space enigmas. Eight new fast radio bursts (or FRBs) have been detected in deep space. Earlier this year only one of the elusive... Read more »

Mini Nuclear Reactor For Future Outposts On The Moon And Mars Created By Scientists

Researchers at the Department of Energy of Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico are creating a mini nuclear reactor that could be used to power outposts on the Moon and Mars... Read more »

Neutron Star Anomaly Revealed More Details On These Mysterious Space Objects

A team of researchers recently published a paper about the study they conducted on the Vela Pulsar, a neutron star located 1,000 light-years away from our home planet. Neutron stars some of... Read more »

Dead Stars Matter More Than We Thought Because Of Their Actions

For a dead star is not easy to lose everything it had before, all so big up there and bright. Dead stars could make quite an impression with their incredible skill of... Read more »

Devonian Forest Fossils Found In Asia

The Devonian is a geologic period of the Paleozoic era that spanned 60 million years, from 419 million years to 359 million years ago. A characteristic of this geologic period is that... Read more »