Global Warming Is Making The Arctic Fall Apart

It is no secret that global warming is slowly destroying our planet, despite the fact that many choose to refuse the truth, A recent scientific survey brings even more evidence and it... Read more »

Vikram 1 Is The New Stratolaunch Competitor in the Satellite-Launching Aircraft Industry

On April 13th, the world’s largest airplane flew for the first time. The Stratolaunch plane, nicknamed Roc, hovered for a total of 150 minutes. According to Parabolic Arc reports, it reached a... Read more »

Jupiter-size Star Produced a White Light Superflare, and the Astronomers Noticed It

Recently, a small star that has a size similar to Jupiter, a so-called Jupiter-size star, found 250 light years away from Earth, emitted a huge superflare. At that moment, the star released... Read more »

Pink Moon Illuminated The Night Skies on April 19th

Fans of our natural satellite were in for a treat this week as another full moon will be visible. The Pink Moon provided a spectacular sight on Friday. It appeared to be... Read more »

New Meteor Strikes, This Time Over The East Coast

The sky above us gave a new show on Tuesday night, and it was seen in New Jersey, Virginia, and Egg Harbor Township, where people have recorded it on cameras. If you... Read more »

NASA Plans To Send Moon Missions To The Lunar South Pole

New moon missions have been announced as NASA plans to land astronauts on the satellite within the next five years. The missions which took place during the Apollo era targeted the equatorial... Read more »

Titan Has Liquid Lakes Made Of Both Ethane and Methane, NASA’s Cassini Data Showed

NASA’s Cassini spacecraft was retired earlier this year, but the probe managed to collect a large amount of data before it disappeared into the atmosphere of Saturn. During the last flyby around... Read more »

NASA’s New Plans On The Future Moon Mission Don’t Impress Agency’s International Partners

NASA is currently working on a revamped plan which accelerates the return of humans to the surface of our natural satellite, but other space agencies do not appear to be too enthusiastic... Read more »

Stratolaunch, The Largest Airplane In The World, Was Taken Out For A Flight

Saturday morning was a critical moment for the history of aviation. The world’s largest airplane took flight for the first time. The plane was built by Stratolaunch, which is a rocket launch... Read more »

Increasingly More Canadians Are Dying Of An Opioid Overdose

The Public Health Agency of Canada has released a new report that showed opioid overdose has been the reason behind 10,300 Canadian deaths over the past three years. There have been 3,286... Read more »