Scientists Discover New Species of Pterosaur – The 200-Million-Year Old Creature Was ‘Built for Flying’

On 13 August, scientists announced an exciting discovery: they found a new species of giant pterosaur. What was very special about this species is that their backbone was specially built for flying.... Read more »

Did Meteorites Crashing Into Earth Form These Ancient Rocks?

A new study published in Nature Geoscience claims that some of the oldest rock on this planet were formed at very high temperatures resulted after meteorites crashed into Earth. In Northwest Canada,... Read more »

SpaceX Welcomes Press To See The Crew Dragon Simulator and Spacesuit

According to Teslarati website, SpaceX has just given access to the press to see the Crew Dragon simulator and the spacesuit especially created for the mission. The photos taken show how much... Read more »

Dads Can Also Experience Postpartum Depression

If you thought that only mothers could experience depression after giving birth, a recent presentation at the American Psychological Association tells us that fathers can be affected by it too. Anxiety and... Read more »

Ultrahot Jupiters Have Stellar Atmospheres That Destroy Water

NASA’s Hubble and Spitzer House telescopes have revealed interesting information on ultrahot planets, and physicists are stunned to find out the reason behind the missing water on these giants’ surfaces. The planets... Read more »

The Common Aspirin Could Help Prevent HIV

The Aspirin is an affordable pill that can be found all over the world. But how can it prevent transmission of HIV? Scientists from the University of Manitoba in Canada tested the... Read more »

How Come Nobody Saw the Meteor That ‘Exploded’ Over the Thule Air Base in Greenland?

On 25 July there was a fireball streaking the sky over Greenland, right over the Thule Air Base. It had released 2.1 kilotons of energy, making it the second biggest energetic explosion... Read more »

Man Finds 25-Million-Year-Old Teeth Of a Rare Shark

Phil Mullaly is a fossil enthusiast who had no idea that walking on the beach will end with a magnificent discovery. He was walking along Jan Juc, a fossil site in South... Read more »

Get Ready For NASA’s Saturday Launch: The Parker Solar Probe Will “Touch” the Sun

NASA has a launch planned for this weekend. The Parker Solar Probe will be launched on 11 August if everything goes according to plan. This superfast spacecraft will get very close to... Read more »

Here’s What SpaceX Discussed at Their Top-Secret Mars Conference

The public was not supposed to be aware of the secret SpaceX conference, but it somehow made its way on the internet, so (part of) the cat is out of the bag.... Read more »