Supernova Explosion Brought Heavy Metals On Earth

While we see gold, platinum, and other precious and heavy metals as ours only, in reality, the Earth has nothing in common with them. According to new studies, a supernova explosion brought... Read more »

Catastrophic Asteroid Impact Not To Happen Anytime Soon, But The Threat Remains Real

Near-Earth objects or NEOs may seem like an existence shattering concepts, but author Andrew May notes that these are a daily occurrence and do not usually pose a threat. Accordingly, a catastrophic... Read more »

Moon’s Mass Anomaly At Its South Pole Hints To An Ancient Metal Asteroid Impact

The Aitken basin, on the south pole of the Moon, might hold a very dense object as revealed in new information coming out from NASA. It is believed the unusual sector might... Read more »

Shocking Study Revealed That Human Mind Remains Conscious After Death

You most certainly, at one point in your life, wondered what happens when you die. A new shocking study, conducted by a team of researchers in New York, came close to solving... Read more »

Asteroid hits Earth at 1 in 7000 Chance

The planet we are currently residing on has a 1 in 7000 chance to be smashed into by the asteroid designated 2006 QV89. September 9th 2019 is the date the visitor is... Read more »

Limit to Human Endurance Set By A New Study Focused On Athletes

A new study has found that people who exercise long enough or take part in events such as Ironman triathlon or ultramarathons regularly push their bodies beyond their limits, and they all... Read more »

NASA Plans To Open The International Space Station For Visitors

NASA declared just recently that the International Space Station (ISS) is now accessible to anyone, with the first visit anticipated to take place possibly next year. However, you will have to pay... Read more »

NASA Will Try Fixing The Faulty “Mole” Instrument Of InSight

A new issue plagues the InSight lander after an instrument didn’t work as expected. The American space agency shared a press release which notes that the Jet Propulsion Laboratory will use the... Read more »

NASA Astronauts Were Shocked by the Height of Lunar Mountains

Almost five decades ago, on July 16th, 1969, a team of three astronauts comprising of Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins and Edwin ‘’Buzz’’ Aldrin started their journey to the moon. The brave astronauts... Read more »

SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket To Deploy A Trio Of Canadian Satellites

The Canadian Space Agency has been hard at work on the development of a trio of Earth-observation satellites known under the name of RADARSAT Constellation. These Canadian satellites would launch with a... Read more »