Scientists Discover Remains of Elephant-sized Plant-Eater that Lived 200 Million Years Ago

It’s a long-held belief that only dinosaurs were the herbivores in the past, but scientists have just discovered a new kind of animal that might challenge this notion. They found the remains... Read more »

The Search for Planet Nine Continues

Recent discoveries may foreshadow the existence of an elusive giant world that is located near the outer edges of our solar system. One of them was the discovery of the dwarf planet... Read more »

Kepler Space Telescope Died After More Than 9 Years of Observations

The old planet-hunting telescope has just passed away, stated NASA in an official announcement on 30 October, almost 10 years after being sent to space. Kepler has performed an excellent job for... Read more »

Here’s How NASA Is “Touching” The Sun with the Parker Solar Probe

The impressive mission in getting so close to the sun is on its way, and the Parker Solar Probe has already broken some of the records. On Monday, the probe passed the... Read more »

Rare Octopus Nicknamed Dumbo Glides Near Scientists’ Cameras in the Depth of the Pacific

Just off the coast of California, a team of marine scientists was amazed to capture a very rare octopus on camera. They filmed the creature called Grimpoteuthis gliding in front of the... Read more »

Life on Mars Possible, ESA Is Building a Mars Rover to Search for Proof

The future European Space Agency mission in terms of searching for proof of life in space will focus on Mars. They’ve built a prototype of a rover, and scientists believe it will... Read more »

NASA’s InSight Lander 1 Month Away from Landing on Mars

On 26 October, Mars will get a new robot friend over: NASA’s InSight lander, which will have to go through a very tough task – the descent and landing on Mars is... Read more »

Strange White Cloud Over Mars’ Equator Spotted by the Mars Express Orbiter

Right over the dead volcano on the Martian equator, there is a white cloud that appears to stretch across the Martian sky. It looks like a plume of an eruption, but that... Read more »

Dangerous CO2 Levels in Biodome Experiment Forces B.C Man to Give Up Early

A man from Vancouver Island has done an extreme demonstration of climate change and greenhouse gases by sealing himself in an airtight greenhouse and try to survive for three days with the... Read more »

NASA Gets The First Image of Mars From Its Two CubeSats: EVE and Wall-E

EVE and Wall-E are the only CubeSats that have ever traveled to Mars. On 22 October, NASA has posted the first image of the Red Planet from the MarCO mission which is... Read more »