Julie Payette Governor general climate change horoscopes

Governor General Julie Payette: We Have To Remain Vigilant

With the crazy year of weather we have had, it is shocking that there are still people out there who deny global warming exists or that our climate is changing but these... Read more »
hole in ozone layer NASA Antarctica

NASA Says Canadian Hole In Ozone Layer Is Shrinking

The giant hole in the earth’s protective ozone layer is apparently shrinking, according to a new report released by NASA on Thursday. The ozone layer, which is such a vital protector of... Read more »
California sewage spill Mexico Tijuana River

Sewage Flowing From Mexico Sickens US Surfers

It has been reported that a stretch of California beach known for its popular surfing has become contaminated with sewage, thus making beach goers quite sick. Mexican officials with the Comision Internacional... Read more »

Lady Gaga To Tie The Knot

Long time advocate of the LGBTQ community Lady Gaga is reported to be set to walk down the isle with new boyfriend Christian Carino. The couple have only been a couple for... Read more »
Conor McGregor Homophobic Slur

Conor McGregor Apologizes For Homophobic Slur

Conor McGregor has found himself in some hot water after he was overheard using a homophobic slur while trying to console a friend after losing a fight at UFC Fight Night 118... Read more »
Justin Trudeau Climate Change

Canada’s Goals Not Lofty Enough: UN

Canada is coming under criticism from the UN due to their lack of effort when it comes to meeting goals laid out in the Paris climate change agreement that was signed by... Read more »
Rock African Python Legislation

New Legislation Introduced Following Horrific Snake Attack

New proposed legislation across the province of New Brunswick will aim to crack down on exotic animals and the people who own them. This comes four years too late for two little... Read more »

Siamese Twinss Connected At The Head Separated in India

after more than 36 hours of surgery and forty surgeon, a hospital in India successfuly separated two Siamese twins attached to the head. The two-year-old boys were born in a village in... Read more »

Canada recognizes a “united Spain”, says Justin Trudeau

Canada “recognizes a united Spain,” ruled Justin Trudeau in reaction to Catalonia’s declaration of independence. Ottawa sits side by side with Madrid, like the European Council and the United States. Speaking to... Read more »

Explosion of The Aboriginal Population Across Canada

The number of aboriginals has exploded in Canada and Quebec in the last 10 years, according to new census data released by Statistics Canada on Wednesday. Since 2006, the Aboriginal population –... Read more »