cbc pulls documentary

CBC Pulls Documentary On Transgender Children

CBC pulls controversial transgender documentary because of viewer feedback Transgender Kids: Who Knows Best is the name of a BBC documentary focusing on transgender children that was scheduled to air on CBC... Read more »
cow nativity scene

Stormy The Cow Is Not Into Nativity

Cow escapes from nativity scene, not once, but twice Somebody forgot to send Stormy the cow the memmo that during a Christmas nativity scene that you are a part of, you are... Read more »
new york domestic abusers

Andrew Cuomo: Domestic Abusers Should Not Own Guns

New York guns need to be taken away from domestic abusers, says Gov. Andrew Cuomo When it comes to guns in the United States it seems like there is not a week... Read more »
rare european bird

Rare European Bird Shows Up In New Brunswick

Rare european bird called a mistle thrush in New Brunswick prompts visitors from all across North America A Rare European bird has bird watchers across Canada in a right tizzy and flocking... Read more »
Wells Fargo

Navajo Nation Wells Fargo Lawsuit Could Get Ugly

Navajo Nation files 50 million dollar lawsuit against Wells Fargo Wells Fargo may very well be the largest bank in America but that has not stopped the Navajo Nation from filing a... Read more »
Keaton James GoFundMe

Keaton James GoFundMe Account Frozen

Keaton James GoFundMe account frozen over suspicion of Mother’s motive If your little boy was being bullied at school, and asked you to make a video so he could speak out against... Read more »
right whale extinction

Right Whale Extinction A Real Possibility

Right whale extinction could really happen, say marine biologists The north atlantic right whale maybe on the verge of extinction according to marine biologists who state that it has been a very... Read more »
keaton jones bullying

Keaton Jones Bullying Video Prompts Heart Felt Response From Hailee Steinfeld

Keaton Jones bullying video prompts uber support from celebrities A little boy named Keaton Jones from the state of Tennessee is fighting back against the bullies that torment him. Keaton is sick... Read more »
protests in beirut

Protests In Beirut Turn Violent

protests in Beirut turn violent after Trump names Jerusalem the capital of Israel Amidst calls for his resignation over sexual misconduct aligations, U.S. President Donald Trump is also the subject of protests... Read more »

Starving Polar Bear Caught On Video

Starving polar bear caught on camera A video showing an emaciated polar bear struggling to walk has gone viral and the conservation group who captured the footage believe that climate change is... Read more »