Indians Apply for Disability Checks by Complaining of Back Pain

When we think about people that live with disabilities we usually think of people that have been in accidents which left them paralyzed or of people that fought for their country and... Read more »

Dropbox is Ready to Conquer Wall Street: New IPO Launched

When it comes to cloud storage, Dropbox is one of the most popular names. Every user wants a software that will allow them to store their files safely, and that is exactly... Read more »

Dead Zone in the Gulf of Mexico – What’s There To Do?

The huge dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico has concerned scientists for decades. In fact, it has continued to grow over the years and it became larger and larger each time.... Read more »

Why Was Edmonton LGBTQ Camp Cancelled?

Bad news for those that wanted to go to the LGBTQ2s+ camp in Edmonton. It has just been cancelled by the University of Alberta. This news was confirmed on Thursday night by... Read more »

The Natural Environment Helps the Economic Growth

Director General of the Planning Institute of Jamaica, Dr Wayne Henry, has asked Jamaicans to enhance the care of the natural habitat, particularly woods, as low strength to precipitation and beach front... Read more »

Environment Breakdown in the KAFB Partnership

John Fleck doesn’t work anymore for the Albuquerque Journal, however, he can’t relinquish the news. On Wednesday, he distributed a short piece on his blog about the “breakdown” in the organization between... Read more »

Helicopter Crash in Australia: 2 dead, 3 injured

For reasons yet to be resolved, the helicopter went right into the water nearby a big pontoon for swimmers and jumpers, which was placed close to the barrier reef. About the crash... Read more »

Congrats Curiosity! 2000 days on Mars!

“Looks like we made it: 2,000 sols on Mars, you guys!” was the message that Curiosity transmitted to us. This is a joy! He also wrote that he’s thinking of the 2,000... Read more »

What Keeps NASA from Getting $20bn?

Take a guess. The US President Donald Trump’s signature. Also, he’s threatening a veto. That $20.7bn check is $1.6bn more than anticipated The spending bill will, altogether, maintain a strategic distance from... Read more »

Nova Scotians with Intellectual Disabilities Should not be Incarcerated

A study was conducted in order to research the living conditions for Nova Scotians who are incarcerated, the particular group taken into question being the people with special needs who suffer from... Read more »