What you need to know About Hepatitis

Even if Daryl Luster always felt tired and unable to concentrate, when he first discovered he has hepatitis C, was taken by surprise. He was close to 50 when the disease started... Read more »

Record Temperatures: Fires have Occurred Due to Environmental Changes

The heat waves are changing again the temperature records on the globe. Europe endured its deadliest out of control fire in over a century, and one of about 90 expansive heat in... Read more »

Highly Invasive Plant Threatens Canada

A dangerous plant called wild parsnip has invaded Canada, growing along roads, highways and in the middle of pastures. The plant causes several serious problems: burns, blisters and even blindness in some... Read more »

An Alien Sun to Suck up Planets?

RW Aur is a binary star system which is situated in the Auriga constellation 450, which is light years from Earth. It’s safe to say that it has since quite a while... Read more »

Partnership Announced Between Watson Health and the VA – Match a Team of Scientists

The partnership of IBM Watson Health and the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) was announced on Thursday. The main goal of this cooperation will be to help the Veterans affected by late... Read more »

Incandescent Center of the Milky Way Captured in a Perfectly Clear Image by New Telescope

Scientists are now in the possession of what they claim to be the clearest image of the center of our galaxy taken with the aid of the newest telescope located in South... Read more »

British Columbia’s Health Boards Introduce New Addictions Services in Response to Overdose Problem

According to a recent survey released by the Fraser Health Authority, only half of drug users who have accessed addictions services fulfilled their needs, while almost two-thirds of the relatives of those... Read more »

Meghalayan Age – New Addition to the Chart of Earth’s History

A new chapter in the history of Earth has been officially announced. What is more important is that Meghalayan is the most recent period in the 4.6 billion-years-long existence, which started some... Read more »

Residents Flee as Humongous Iceberg Looms over the Village

A 10 million tone iceberg, able to be seen from space, is headed toward a remote Greenland village. For their safety, citizens have moved to higher ground as in case of danger.... Read more »

Specialists to Find Bread That Dates by 4000 Years Back

It all happened at an archeological site placed in northeastern of Jordan, where analysts have found the burned leftovers of a flatbread heated by ground of hunters, that dates from 14,400 years... Read more »