Drug Crisis Gets Worse – Dramatic Number of Drug Deaths in March

It appears that the number of drug deaths only gets worse. The figures released by the BC Coroner Service for March are even worse than the ones we had back in February.... Read more »

Waterloo Researchers to Combine Artificial Intelligence to Track Aerobic Health

At the point when many people take their time to think about wearables, they commonly consider wristband screens and smartwatches. However, on the other hand, there are things like “smart shirts,” real... Read more »

Public Alert Issued After Case of Measles Is Confirmed

Edmonton is under alert after a measles case was confirmed recently. An infected person was in three public places in Edmonton last week, which means that there is a high chance that... Read more »

NASA’s Carbon Monitoring System Shut Down by Trump Administration

Gas emissions are a real problem for our planet and CO2 levels continue to grow every day. Despite these problems, it appears that officials are not interested in helping. In fact, thins... Read more »

The Ice Stream in Greenland Has Been Melting for Many Years

The ice stream in Greenland has been analyzed by researchers for quite some time. However, only recently they discovered that the stream was melting for many years, despite what they believed. There... Read more »

The Number of People Affected by Alzheimer’s Disease Will Triple by 2050

Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) is the world’s most common reason for progressive dementia, especially in elderly population. The worst thing about AD is the fact that the number of cases where it appears... Read more »

Researchers Find Innovative Method of Stopping Cancer From Multiplying

Finding ways of stopping cancer is one of humanity’s biggest tasks and a team of researchers is making huge progress towards that goal. The researchers discovered a new way of stopping cancer... Read more »

A New Stage of Globalization to Weaken the Efforts to Reduce Carbon Emissions?

New research uncovers that the development of carbon production from Chinese fares has impeded or switched, mirroring another period of globalization, between nations which continue to develop that, could undermine universal endeavors... Read more »

Is Space Gardening Going to Happen?

Without gravity, seeds can skim away. Water doesn’t pour, however, globs up and may suffocate the roots. What’s more, artificial lights and fans must be fixed correctly to duplicate the sun and... Read more »

Is There a Toddler Planet 600 Light-Years Away from Earth?

Astronomers from Leiden University from the Netherlands, headed by Christian Ginski, were taking a gander at a young double star, which is called CS Cha, and have discovered a recently shaped planet,... Read more »