Can We Grow Plants on the Moon?

At the beginning of the week, a lot of websites and reports offered some revolutionary news: a plant seed had germinated successfully on the moon, which is part of an early experiment... Read more »

Up to 25% of all Antibiotic Prescriptions are Unnecessary

A new study claims that only 8% of the antibiotic prescriptions given in 2016 were clearly justified. The remaining numbers are quite worrisome. 28% were granted without a document diagnosis that would... Read more »

First Plants Grown On Moon Pronounced Dead

Space exploration has been taking new routes in the past years and scientists have experimented a lot more. One of the most interesting projects belonged to China’s Chang’e-4 mission. Cotton seeds were... Read more »

The Demand For Telemedicine Is On The Rise And Fuels A Multibillion-Dollar Market With Massive Benefits For Patients

Back in May 2018, Doctor on Demand revealed $74 million in a brand new investment in a round led by Goldman Sachs. The company provides remote physician visits via text, video, and... Read more »

CERN is Working on a New Particle Accelerator

The entire word was fascinated when CERN announced its particle accelerator. The massive device helped the researchers to discover useful information that has dramatically advanced our knowledge of particles, physics, and other... Read more »

Global Warming Increase the Strength of the Waves

It seems that global warming is even more dangerous than it was first thought. While many researchers worry about the rise of the sea level a team of scientist made a new... Read more »

A Beautiful Lunar Eclipse will Take Place Next Week

January is shaping up to be a great month for stargazers. Those that love to watch the moon will be in for a treat next week when the only total lunar eclipse... Read more »

Oceans are Warming up Faster Than it was Preconized

Based on new research is it safe to say that the warming of the ocean is accelerating more rapidly than the scientists estimated. The analysis was published a few days ago in... Read more »

The Hunt for Planet X Continues

The existence of the elusive Planet X continues to fascinate astronomers from all over the world. A new paper argues that the mysterious planet could be tracked down by analyzing the cosmic... Read more »

A Potential Event may Trigger the Black Hole Located in the Middle of the Milky Way

It seems that the lifespan of the Milky Way may come earlier than it was first expected. A new paper notes that the Milky Way seems to be on a crash-course trajectory... Read more »