No Drugs Other Than Cannabis will be Decriminalized by Ottawa

Even though several major cities from Canada would like to decriminalize drugs, the federal government does not support this idea. Canada’s drug crisis A report was recently released by Toronto’s board of... Read more »

Current Technology makes Terraforming Mars Impossible

Terraforming has been a much-discussed subject in the scientific community since the theory first appeared, being featured not only in formal discussion but also in science-fiction novels. One of the possible ways... Read more »

New Research Shows Bacteria Exterminated at Higher Rates than Expected

The new theory shows that in the past million years between 45,000 and 95,000 types of bacteria have gone extinct. Researchers have also discovered that bacteria resists mass extinction, hitting strong life... Read more »

Medical Institutions get Directions from China to Stop using Huahai Drugs

China’s National Health and Family Planning Commission said in a warning, posted on their official website, that the reviewed medicate, ordinarily used to treat patients with hypertension, ought not to be utilized... Read more »

Medical Supplies for West Africa Gathered by Nurse

Valuable medical aid such as IV poles, wheelchairs, hospital beds and many more have been collected by ambitious Vancouver nurse Marj Ratel. For poor countries like Nigeria Sierra Leone, Ghana and Liberia... Read more »

Disclosure Could Prompt Medications for Awful Brain Damage

Two molecules that are protecting the nerve cells have been discovered by scientists.  It is believed that this discovery will lead to new drug treatments. The atoms advance full recuperation after horrendous... Read more »

Study: Alzheimer May Be Caused By The Brain-Immune System Paths

Old pots that binds the brain with the immune system, is one of the actors that can lead to Alzheimer. By enhancing the capacity of the lymphatic vessels, researchers at the University... Read more »

Reasons Why Volunteers Are So Helpful For The Wildlife Life

Professionals need the help of the population in order to take better decisions to protect wildlife. Presently numerous researchers are swinging to volunteers and innovation — including satellites — to enable them... Read more »

Leopard Geckos to Develop New Brain Cells

Researchers from the University of Guelph have found the kind of stem cell that enables geckos to make new brain cells, giving confirmation that the reptiles may likewise have the capacity to... Read more »

Best Sunscreen Protection With High SPF This Summer

If we talk about protection, the higher is the SPF the better, because it will protect your skin longer and you do not have to apply it often. You need to locate... Read more »