Officials Are Working to Find a Cure for Ebola

Researchers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have recently published an encouraging study that showed that the antiviral remdesivir and the antibodies from the ZMapp treatment were successful in fighting... Read more »

Is Vegas really running on 100% renewable energy?

If there is one example that typifies the Las Vegas attitude to energy consumption, it’s the Luxor Beam. Shining vertically from the pyramid that was once the highest edifice in the city,... Read more »

The Explosion of a Star Creates Beautifully Coloured Fireworks in Space

Eta Carinae is decidedly an incredibly legendary star system and has been for the past two centuries. Once the second brightest star visible with the naked eye on our sky, it had... Read more »

NASA Engineers Fit the Mars 2020 Rover with a Super Camera ​

NASA engineers have recently attached a set of wheels and legs to the Mars 2020 Rover. Now, it also features a powerful tool the researchers with NASA will use to seek evidence... Read more »

Collagen Health Benefits for Keto

Every year, millions of dollars are spent by consumers on collagen. But what exactly is collagen? Collagen is an essential and major part of protein in the body. Making up for 25%... Read more »

A Gigantic Freshwater Reservoir Is Hiding Beneath the Atlantic Ocean

A new study is revealing a gigantic freshwater reservoir discovered beneath the Atlantic Ocean, from Massachusetts to New Jersey. After a multi-year survey of the sub-seafloor of the U.S Northeast coast, scientists... Read more »

A Woman with Cystic Fibrosis Is Conquering Heights to See Machu Picchu

Corrine McKay is fighting against cystic fibrosis, and she was part of a group that had raised $400K in this battle. The woman succeeded to arrive at the peaks of the Andes... Read more »

Meteor falling from the skies has been spotted in Queensland, Australia

A picture of a meteor flying through the air, brightening Queensland’s skies have been captured by several of people from the southeastern part of the state in Australia, have seen or heard... Read more »

A new species of wild cat has been discovered in the island of Corsica

​The French Mediterranean island of Corsica is home to a newly discovered species of cat. The wild animal is extremely rare and mysterious, and it is larger than an ordinary cat. The... Read more »

Two Planets Discovered Recently Can Be Similar to Earth

Thanks to scientists and their work for the last several years, new exoplanets discoveries are taking our attention right now. Of course, thanks to the latest powerful observational tools, the job couldn’t... Read more »