Amazon Develops A Device That Can Read Human Emotions

Amazon is now allegedly developing a device that will seemingly have the capacity to decipher people’s emotions. This type of device would rather be an innovative health gadget. This would be the... Read more »

4 Must-Know Home Elevator Safety Tips

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10,000-Year Old Chewing Gum Might Contain Information About Ancient Scandinavians

It appears that chewing gum was a thing even thousands of years ago, and it might represent a valuable source of information for scientists. Researchers have discovered 10,000-year-old chewing gum and they... Read more »

What Do Humans and Neanderthals Have in Common? A Mysterious Ancestor that Links the Evolution of Both

An analysis of 1.000 teeth from humans and our close relatives is revealing that Modern Humans and Neanderthals diverged around 800.000 years ago. A previous estimation was made some time ago, and... Read more »

Mars and Venus Share Some Traits With Earth, And They Can Teach Us More About Our Planet

Venus and Mars share many traits with Earth but there also apparent differences. The former has an atmosphere filled with poisonous gas while the other has traced of what used to be... Read more »

Global Warming Makes The Earth Spin Faster, Causing Extreme Weather and Affecting The Ecosystems

As the planet continues to become warmer harsh consequences will surface in the future according to some researchers. It is already known that a large number of greenhouse gases present in the... Read more »

Giant Asteroid Will Fly Next To Earth, At 58,000 Mph, Next Sunday

On May 19th, next Sunday, a giant asteroid of 1,280 ft in diameter will skim past Earth at a speed of 58,000 Mph (approximately 93,000 kilometers per hour). Asteroid 2019 JB1, as... Read more »

Mars’s water-cycle is the reason for its barrenness

The summertime on Mars has a specific water-cycle, which might give a piece of information about the planet’s arid climate. A long time ago, billions of years prior to our time,  Mars... Read more »

NASA’s Warning: A Meteor Strike Could Threat Our Planet

NASA’s scientists are assuming that an asteroid strike could be possible anytime soon and Earth could be in danger. The alarming theory that could come true is issued by Jim Bridenstine, NASA’s... Read more »

Researchers Discover the Source Which Powers STEVE Aurora

STEVE aurora has fascinated researchers since it was spotted for the first time as it looks and behaves like an Aurora, but there are some big differences between the phenomena. A classic... Read more »