Tourists Trampled To Death While On Safari In Zambia


Two tourists have been killed in the country of Zambia when they were trampled to death by a massive elephant while trying to take pictures of the animal.


The tourists, who were on safari were staying at the Maramba River Lodge in the town of Livingstone and were killed on Saturday.


According to police spokesman Danny Mwale, the two got a little too close to the animal:


“A lady from Belgium aged 57 and a 64-year-old man from the Netherlands were killed as they went close to the elephant trying to take photographs,” he said.


The elephant first charged the woman when she attempted to get closer to it to get a picture. The animal then trampled the man when he tried to rescue her.


There has been an increase in the number of elephants in the Livingstone area and just last week, a lodge employee was trampled while on his way to work.


According to Senior Wildlife Warden Southern Region Lewis Daka, tourists should not be allowed around elephants or other wild animals because they can be dangerous.


The elephants are a huge selling point when it comes to tourism in the area,, with many tourist lodges offering elephant rides.


Daka is urging lodge officials to make it clear to tourists that they need to keep their distance from the animals, for their own safety.


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