The Secret Of Why Elephants Get Cancer So Rarely Might Lead To A Cure


Apparently, elephants are really good at not getting cancers and scientists have tried for years to find out how is that possible. According to new research, they are able of bringing a gene back from the dead and that’s how they kill mischievous cells.

The research and Peto’s paradox

Scientists from the University of Chicago conducted some experiments and they managed to finally understand how the mechanism behind the elephant’s ability to kill cancer cells works. By doing so, they shed new light on the Peto’s paradox.

Peto’s paradox begins with this supposition: that as the size gets bigger in an animal, so does the risk of it developing cancer. We find this to be true with almost any species. Take, for example, dogs. The larger breeds present a higher predisposition to cancer than the smaller ones.

However, this concept is made moot by comparing animals of different species. Scientists couldn’t find any correlation between the size of an animal or their lifespan and the chance of cancer cells to haste their division process.


The paradox was named after an epidemiologist called Richard Peto and it has confused biologists for quite some time. They believed that, by evolving into a larger animal, would have required that our bodies would know how to restrict cancer cells.

According to a 2015 study, elephants have a cancer mortality rate of only 5%, as opposed to puny humans whose rate is 11-25%. That study also lets us know why that is. Apparently, elephants are in possession of the TP53 gene, an anti-cancer gene which detects damaged DNA and tells the cell to fix it or kill itself.

Most mammals have only two copies of this gene. Elephants, on the other hand, are in possession of twenty copies, which for sure helps them in avoiding tumor growth.


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  1. I believe cancer which just means mass….is in fact a waterborne illness caused by a parasitic ococyst.
    As the population of geese has increased since 1918 it correlates almost exactly to the increase in cancer.
    Conventional water treatment plants can not kill it. Lake Michigan is epidemic with this parasite in fish. 50 per cent of Caribbeau have cancer from the parasite ococyst of cryptosporidium which has accumulated in Canadian fresh water.
    This parasite has an incomplete DNA and attaches to its host making every cancer distinct.
    It is also the flu. Flu just means illness.
    I researched HIV patients with crypto and they found one HIV patient caught it in the hospital from the icecubes
    Thank You


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