Stormy The Cow Is Not Into Nativity


Cow escapes from nativity scene, not once, but twice

Somebody forgot to send Stormy the cow the memmo that during a Christmas nativity scene that you are a part of, you are supposed to behave and play your part.

Can you imagine sitting in traffic on your way to work only to find out that the reason for the annoying traffic jam you were a part of was a silly cow cruising down the interstate?

The cow, first made a break for it early this morning from Old First Reformed Church of Christ in philly, only to end up being captured while sauntering on Interstate 95.

Luckily for Stormy, one of the first officers on scene actually owns cattle and was able to safely secure her.

Officers attached a rope to Stormy, and with the help of police cars, were able to guide her back to her stall at church.

A few hours later, Stormy made her second great escape, switching it up this time and trotting around the streets of Philly only to end up being hog-tied on the fourth floor of a parking garage.

According to police, nobody was hurt while the cow was on the run, and nobody involved in her two captures was hurt.

They are currently investigating how Stormy, a 7-year-old brown and white Hereford, was able to escape, twice, and as it turns out, Stormy may have figured out how to open the gate by herself!

Police make light of the situation

Local police took to Twitter: “If you’re in the area of 4th and Market, beware of traffic delays. A cow is loose. Again. No, we can’t believe we’re tweeting this either.”

“You know, you start your day saying “well, being a cop is a tough job, but at least I won’t have to catch a cow today.” But, then
wouldn’t you know it? You’re wrangling a bovine. Then you say, “Well, at least I’ll never have to do that again….”

Stormy has been returned to the Manatawna Saul Farm, which is a high school 4-H club that owns her.

She has been replaced by a cow half her size and not as smart, named Ginger.

Scott Moser, who helps the students look after the animals on the farm states that Stormy is a very calm animal, and never causes problems.

“She’s a very calm cow,” he said. “Nothing really fazes her.”


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