Steve Ecklund Flaunts Pics Of Dead Mountain Lion


Steve Ecklund gloats after killing mountain lion

Many are of the opinion that killing an animal just because you can, like Steve Ecklund, host of hunting show ‘The Edge,’ makes you one of the lowest of the low, a fact that is amplified ten fold when you post pictures all over your social media channels to show off what you have done.

This is exactly what Steve has done after shooting a mountain lion just for sport, and taking photos of himself grinning while holding the bloody carcass.

Steve is a very controversial figure, and has come under criticism on many occasions for his apparent pleasure when it comes to killing wild animals just for the sheer fun of it.

Calling the hunt “an unreal ending to a fun filled season,” photos posted to his Facebook page show the heart of the animal he killed, as well as him making a stir-fry from the meat taken from the animal.

Another photo appears to show the brain of the animal cut into two separate pieces.

Ecklund has a fan club

Believe it or not but there are people out there who actually are siding with Ecklund.

“I am with you Steve,” one Facebook user responded. “Don’t pay any attention to these people who have no idea about what hunting is all about. They are just a bunch of no minds who still sit outside by their barbecues and chew on a hamburger. Way to go my friend.”

Chelsea Paige said: “We need to consider the time and effort that is put into such a hunt.

“It takes work and this man has a celebratory smile on his face because instead of walking into a store and buying beef out of the fridge that had its throat slit in front of a hundred other cows, he had to stalk and hunt and work hard to fill his freezer and that is rewarding.

“He is not smiling because he is a sick psychotic individual or because he enjoys the fact that he just took life.”

Animal rights activists flock to social media

Animal rights activists are obviously very upset over the needless killing and have made it very clear how angry they are by posting comments on Ecklund’s Facebook page and other social media accounts.

One writes: “You are so incredibly disgusting. It’s obvious you have absolutely no respect for life or any creature on this earth. You’re such a pathetic excuse for a human.”

Another writes: “What a sad, inadequate excuse for a man you are.”

Another writes: “If only it was the other way round. Go put a bullet in your own head.”

Ecklund appears to enjoy making people mad at him, taking to Facebook to add the following provoking statement:

“If you can guess what post has 900 likes, 450 comments, 13 confirmed death threats, 754 swear words and one very happy hunter in it,” Ecklund joked, “I will enter your name into the draw for the new cougar cook book, filled with mouth water (sic) recipes for your next mountain lion hunt.”

PETA have also waded in, calling Ecklund ‘a small person with deep-seated insecurities.’

A spokesperson from PETA said: “Only someone dead in heart and head could fail to see that mountain lions, wild boars, deer, and other animals are thinking.”

“Those animals whose lives aren’t taken outright by hunters often endure slow, agonising deaths, leaving their offspring to starve, as they’re unable to fend for themselves after their mothers have been killed by some human trying to compensate for feelings of inadequacy.

“All most of us see when we look at a photograph of a hunter who gunned down an animal for “pleasure” is photographic evidence of a small person with deep-seated insecurities.”

Lee Moon, a spokesperson from the U.K. campaign group Hunt Saboteurs, said: “Whether legal or illegal, and whatever country it occurs in, hunting for sport is morally reprehensible and has no place in a so-called civilised society.

“Links between animal and human abuse are well documented and it’s beyond our comprehension what makes people think this kind of barbaric act is deemed acceptable.

“When the authorities don’t act it’s no wonder that people take matters into their own hands and protect hunted animals themselves.”

A little about the mountain lion

The Mountain lion is known as the cat with many names as it is also known as a cougar or panther. They have a tan coat, with a head quite a bit smaller in proportion with its body.

Height and Weight

Male mountain lions generally can grow to a weight of between 110 and 180 pounds, with females on average 30 to 40 pounds lighter. Males are generally up to six to eight feet long from nose to tail, while females will measure between five to seven feet.

One of the most distinguishing features of the mountain lion is its tale, which measures over two thirds of its head and body.


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