Pet Owners Rally To Change Canadian Rental Laws


(Québec) A new animal protection act to Ontario, which voids any clause in a lease prohibiting animals in a dwelling, would result in a decrease in the number of pet pets discontinued each year during the period of the removal, According to Denys Pelletier, general manager of the Quebec Society for the Protection of Animals (SPA).

“Every year, from June 7 to July 7, we have an average of 700 animal abandonments, 125% more than a normal month. It’s huge, “says Mr. Pelletier, adding that one of the main reasons for these abandonments was that several tenants were struggling with an owner who does not accept pets in the new dwelling.

“It would be desirable for Ontario-like regulations to exist in Quebec,” continues Pelletier. Since 2006, the Ontario Residential Tenancies Act has found null and void any rental lease provisions prohibiting the presence of animals in or near the residential complex.

Denys Pelletier said that this issue has in the past been the subject of “shy” representations to the Quebec government on behalf of the SPA. “In a context where we had many other priorities. However, it is a matter that should now be advocated more strongly with the government by the various SPAs and SPCAs of Quebec, “he continues.

Several organizations are beginning to demand an Ontario law for Quebec. Me Alanna Devine, director of the Montreal SPCA, also believes that the clause prohibiting animals is abusive and discriminatory.

“We believe that the Quebec legislator should intervene quickly in this file in order to create a balance between the rights of the owners and those of the tenants,” she wrote on the agency’s webpage.

In British Columbia

In British Columbia, where homeowners may also forbid their tenants to own pets, residents of the City of Victoria and members of the Animal Protection Party of Canada took charge of the year.

These citizens and activists circulate a petition to invalidate the bans on possessing an animal contained in certain leases, including the high number of animals abandoned by their owners for this reason and the difficulties in finding affordable rent In that province.


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