Laureen Harper Calls Steve Ecklund a Creep


Laureen Harper calls Steve Ecklund a creep for slaughtering a mountain lion and bragging about it

Mountain lion killer Steve Ecklund sure knows how to cause a fuss as he is currently at the center of a massive amount of backlash after he killed a mountain lion and posted pics on his Facebook page of him holding the bloody carcus up in the air and smiling for the camera.

The host of “the Edge” hunting show is a controversial figure to begin with due to his apparent pleasure when it comes to killing animals, and many activists are just about ready to start taking shots at him.

He posted a couple of pretty disturbing photos to his Facebook page after killing and cutting up a massive mountain lion, and we have shown some of the responses below:

Activists fire back

One person writes: “You are so incredibly disgusting. It’s obvious you have a


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