Hawaiian Monk Seals Keep Ending Up With Eels Stuck Up Their Noses


Claire Simeone is a veterinarian, and monk seal expert in Hawaii discussed with The Washington Post and addressed the subject of seals getting eels stuck up its noses.

There’s a picture of a seal which seems relaxed while it’s having a black and white eel dangling from its nostril.

Someone said that this is very shocking and she was not the only one shocked by this photo that was shared earlier this week on Facebook by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Hawaiian Monk Seal Research Program.

The photo has since gone viral, and it drew attention to a really rare phenomenon that continues to amaze scientists such as Charles Littnan, who is now begging the endangered seals to “make better choices.”

The seals are only found on remote islands 

Everything began about two years ago when Littnan, the lead scientist of the monk seal program, woke up to a strange email from researchers in the field. The subject line was short: “Eel in nose.”

“It was just like, ‘We found a seal with an eel stuck in its nose. Do we have a protocol?’ ” Littnan told The Post in a phone interview.

There was none, and Littnan decided that the eel has to be grabbed and pulled out.

“There were only maybe two inches of the eel still sticking out of the nose, so it was very much akin to the magician’s trick when they’re pulling out the handkerchiefs, and they keep coming and coming and coming,” he said.

Littnan also said that they have no idea why this is happening and a few more cases os similar seals were discovered.

All these cases were reportedly found on remote islands that are only frequented by scientists.

Regarding this eel snorting phenomenon will eventually disappear and never be seen again.


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