Elephants are Immune to Cancer Due to their Zombie Gene


According to researchers, elephants’ unique gene gives them immunity to cancer or at least decrease their chances to get the disease.

Their gene is called LIF6, or the Zombie gene is considered dead as it is not functioning in any other mammal on earth. Unfortunately, we are included in that category.

Further details into the topic

According to the lead researcher at the University of Chicago, Dr. Vincent Lynch, even though elephants are big sized animals, they get cancer less than expected, so the research wants to see why.

Elephants and animals related to them have a lot of non-functioning copies of the LIF, and in the way they evolved, the elephants had brought LIF6 back to life, and this is not bad news at all.

Daily Mails has recently stated that the gene identifies the cells that are on the cusp of mutating in order to become cancerous and they force them to die.

Without the killer disease cancer, the elephants are saved from one of their threats. However, they will still need to worry about their safety when it comes to the whacko hunters looking for a cure for impotence od status.

How does their gene work?

After researchers had conducted studies on elephant’s genes, they have realized that the potentially-fatal mutations naturally die when the animal begins to show DNA damage that triggers cancer.

If the LIF6 activity is blocked, the damaged cells will survive, and the elephant will eventually get cancer.

In conclusion, after getting this information, scientist are tying a way in which they can transform gene into a drug and save people

But do not worry, no elephants will be hurt in this process. They only try to come up with drugs that mimic the LIF6’s behavior.


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