Dead Sharks Wash Ashore Iranian Island of Shif


Hundreds of dead sharks wash ashore Iranian island

In a sad story out of Iran it has been reported and subsequently confirmed that hundreds of dead sharks have washed up on the island of Shif.

Sharks bring big bucks for people who can catch them, as their meat and fins are worth a lot of money, however fishing for them is illegal and if caught, a fisherman can face a serious fine.

Many people are of the opinion that shark fin contains medicinal properties, which is part of the reason why they are so highly saught after.

Fisherman who catch sharks, cut off their fins and then throw the dead sharks back into the water, resulting in them drifting and eventually washing up on shore.

Officials have not released evidence pertaining to the types of sharks that were found on the island.

The finding is “an alarm about the extinction of sharks” in the Gulf, stated an environment official in the southern port city of Bushehr.

Iran has banned shark fishing

Shark fishing was made illegal in the country of Iran back in 2014 over fears that excessive fishing would lead to the sharks becoming extinct.

Despite shark fishing becoming illegal, fisherman still tempt fate as they have the opportunity to make a lot of money if they can catch one.

A kilo of dried shark meat from the fin of a shark is worth approximately $1000, which makes it by far and away the most expensive when it comes to any fish sold on the market, and also why it is so saught after by fisherman.

The fine if a person is caught shark fishing can be up to $7,000.

What are shark fins used for?

Shark fins are primarily used in Chinese cooking, with Shark fin soup , the most popular dish.

To make the soup, cartilage from the fin is carefully dried and prepared and then used as the main ingredient along with seafood or chicken broth and herbs.

The shark fin is considered a delicacy, and is also used in certain homeopathic recipes.

Shark Facts of Interest

Sharks are categorized as fish. They breath underwater through gills and are considered cold blooded.

There are many different types of shark, some big, some not so big.

The Whale Shark is the largest of the lot, which can grow to as big as 45 feet or nearly 14 meters.

The smallest type of shark is the Spined Pygmy Shark, which grows to a length of 10 inches.

When it comes to the diet of a shark, this too can vary widely depending on the type of shark.

All sharks, no matter of size are carnivores. The majority of sharks eat other fish primarily, but some also eat plankton and other types of sea vegetation.

Ironically, the Whale Shark, the largest of the lot is one type of shark that eats primarily plankton and other types of sea vegetation.

The most important element to a shark diet is fat, as eating a diet high in fat gives sharks the energy to travel long distances.

We’ve all heard the saying – blood in the water! This, is a key ingredient to a shark’s ability to find food as their noses are super sensitive and can smell blood from kilometers away.

how big is a shark fin

On average, shark fins make up less than five percent of the actual shark, but because there are so many different sizes of sharks, fins can be big, or small.

Whale sharks, the largest of all sharks can present with more than 400 kilos of shark fin weight.

Most popular type of sharks

When it comes to the most popular shark, many feel that the Great White Shark fits the bill. These sharks thrive when it comes to their overall population, have an immense habitat, and are well known for attacking humans. They are a medium size shark, with the ability to grow to six meters and weight up to 22,00 kilos.

The Tiger Shark is another popular type of shark that will eat pretty much anything, inanimate objects included. Reaching a length of nearly five meters, this shark has also been known to attack humans.

The Whale Shark is the largest fish on the planet and can grow to an astounding length of 12 meters. This fish, has undeveloped teeth as it does not use its teeth to catch its food. Instead, the Whale Shark uses a filter system to inhale its food.

The Hammerhead Shark earned their name because of the shape of their heads. They can grow up to six meters long and are found in shallower waters all over the world.

The Bull Shark is not one to mess around with and will not hesitate to attack humans. This type of shark is found in warm shallow waters, which makes it especially dangerous when it comes to risk of attack on humans as it can traverse lakes and rivers.


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