Brave Dogs that Saved the World Marching for Science


The environment is not such a big concern nowadays; if it were, people would be more careful and think twice about all the damage they cause to our natural resources only by taking a new plastic bag every time they go shopping. Another disturbing aspect is that authorities don’t take the matter seriously enough and remain passive when they should take some measures to prevent the Earth’s mass destruction.

If people don’t act responsible enough, 14 brave dogs “got involved“ in the matter and joined their owners for the protests that took place during the March for Science movement.

What is March for Science all about

March for Science was a big protest organized last Saturday (March 24th) in 518 cities from the US. The date was not chosen randomly; it was scheduled on Earth’s Day because another aim was to increase awareness about the Global Warming and other unwanted effects of our activities. Both people and dogs wanted to urge the Government to take serious action against climate changes and also make them support science. It seems that the authorities are not so interested in this aspect either.

All the dogs that participated at the protests have inspired their owners to create eye-catching posters, in the idea that an image is worth more than a thousand words. Some posters had messages associated with science, the progress it has made and its’ importance for human and animal health. Others were aiming to stress out the effects of global warming over climates that once were the homes of numerous animal species.

The cute protesters were highly appreciated and the images with their messages become viral all over the US soon after they were posted. Even if we say that animals don’t have a conscience, their protest has proved that we are wrong. In fact, we are the conscienceless ones and we have a lot to learn from our furry friends.


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