Tim Hortons: Canadians Protest Over Employee Mistreatment

Tim Hortons protestors ralley behind employees

Residents of Ontario are sticking up for their fellow men and women who work at Tim Hortons by protesting the company’s decision to short change their employees when it comes to paid breaks and benefits coverage.

On January 1st, minimum wage across the province of Ontario jumped from $11.60 to $14 which has lead to Tim Hortons brass fighting back, to the anger of Canadians living in the province.

No tips for you

Not only are some franchize owners cutting back on health benefits and paid breaks, but some are even making their employees put any tips they get in the till.

“We find it very disrespectful, in fact it’s vindictive,” said Chris Buckley, president of the Ontario Federation of Labour.

“We expect every business in Ontario to live up to the spirit of the law,” he said.

“These actions against minimum wage earners are particularly galling in light of the ‘Canadian values’ branding that Tim Hortons trades upon,” reads a letter from Buckley to RBI’s
chief executive Daniel Schwartz.

“Failure to take the required next steps will further escalate this matter within our membership, your customers and the public, and will leave us no other option than to recommend continued actions at Tim Hortons locations across Ontario,” he said.

Demonstrators have been picketting various Tim Hortons locations to voice their displeasure with the company, and some have even boycotted the coffee chain entirely.

According to Restaurant Brands International, who is the parent company of Tim Hortons, the move to slash worker benefits was not their’s but that of the individual franchize owners.

According to the Great White North Franchisee Association who represents up to half of all Tim Hortons owners states that the minimum wage hike will cost a franchize owner more than 200,000 per year.

They stated that they hoped that the cost of supplies would drop, but because this has not happened, it left store owners with little choice.

Protests were scheduled all over the province today, in cities including: London, Guelph, Ottawa, Peterborough, Windsor, Dundas and Cobourg.

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