Shoppers Drug Mart: Marijuana Coming Soon

Shoppers Drug Mart inks marijuana deal with Tilray

In the very near future you maybe able to buy marijuana with your lip gloss and shampoo and conditioner as it has been confirmed that pot supplier Tilray Canada has teamed up with Shoppers Drug Mart to sell the drug.

Before you get all up and excited, the deal is for medicinal marijuana, not the recreational stuff so not just anybody can purchase it.

Tilray is a B.C. based marijuana producer and assuming that Health Canada give the green light to the deal, would begin offering medicinal marijuana products through Shoppers online, as current regulations restrict the drug from being sold in actual stores.

“As the federal and provincial governments finalize their respective cannabis frameworks, we remain optimistic that they will allow pharmacists in stores, in communities to apply their professional care to medical cannabis patients,” said Loblaw spokesman Kevin Groh in a statement.

Shoppers has been very active when it comes to the medicinal marijuana industry as this is the third deal they have inked with a company to supply them with the drug.

Aside from Tilray, Shoppers have deals in place with Aphria Inc and MedReleaf.

According to Jonathan Zaid, the executive director of Canadians for Fair Access to Medical Marijuana, there is no doubt that the pharmacy community is very much onboard with the selling of the drug for medicinal purposes.

“We are starting to see a shift of both the professional side of pharmacists, but also the college and regulatory side of pharmacists, towards support of distribution for medical purposes,” he said.

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