Juno Sends New Jupiter Photos After NASA’s 3D Rendition Of The Planet’s Storms

NASA’s Juno has been documenting all it finds in the outer space and sends photos back to the agency. Juno allowed people to already see and hear the auroras on Jupiter along... Read more »

Holes in Sun Cause Solar Storm and Bring Northern Lights to Earth

NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory has recently observed that a region in the magnetic field of the sun has a few ‘holes’. After gathering the data, the U.S. Space Weather Prediction Center warned... Read more »

NASA Continues The Hunt For New Planets With Its TESS Mission

The Transition Exoplanet Survey Sattelite aka TESS will be used by NASA to discover new planets. TESS is set for launch Monday afternoon on April 16. The spacecraft will scan the sky... Read more »

Scientists Have Added Gecko-Inspired Grips to Robots For a Better Grip on Objects

Nobody likes a clumsy robot arm that drops almost every glass or object. Well, scientists have discovered a solution: they invented a soft grip that is similar to gecko’s sticky toes. This... Read more »

Hubble Discovers A Giant Blue Star In A Galaxy Far, Far Away

NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope has just laid its… lens on a giant blue star nicknamed Icarus, that’s halfway across the universe. Astronomers say it’s the most distant star that has been observed... Read more »

The Chinese Space Station Plunges Through The Earth’s Atmosphere Into The Pacific Ocean

Tiangong 1, the Chinese Space Station finally plunged through the Earth’s atmosphere into the Pacific Ocean at exactly 5:16 p.m. Pacific time on Sunday, April 1st. The space station was the size... Read more »
NASA Is Considering Robo-Bees To Explore The Red Planet

NASA Is Considering Robo-Bees To Explore The Red Planet

  Robotic bees and their benefits are an active area of interest and research here on Earth. But, NASA approved a new project that suggests their work may not be limited only... Read more »

How Does NASA, Tupperware and Outer Space Relate?

You may be just as baffled as we were when we heard about this. For a long period of time, Tupperware containers have become a staple for homes worldwide since they are... Read more »

What Keeps NASA from Getting $20bn?

Take a guess. The US President Donald Trump’s signature. Also, he’s threatening a veto. That $20.7bn check is $1.6bn more than anticipated The spending bill will, altogether, maintain a strategic distance from... Read more »

Landslide Activity to be Predicted in Real Time by a New Project from NASA

Landslides, whether they are natural or created by man made conditions, can pose a great risk to humans since they are devastating and they happen incredibly fast. However, a new project conducted... Read more »