There Are 121 Gas Giants With Habitable Moons

After NASA’s Kepler telescope was launched in 2009, it started identifying exoplanets that orbit other stars. Until now, astronomers used it to find more than 2,000 planets. The main mission of the... Read more »

Famous Astronaut Chris Hadfield Doesn’t Think NASA, SpaceX or Blue Origin Will Get to Mars

Astronauts getting to Mars is the ‘next big thing’ in space exploration. However, legendary astronaut Chris Hadfield doesn’t believe that NASA, SpaceX or Blue Origin will be able to send humans on... Read more »

The Curiosity Rover Took A Selfie In the Middle of the Dust Storm

Not everyone can look their best while in a dust storm, but then again, not everyone is an awesome rover on Mars! Remember the dust storm that hit Mars and the rovers... Read more »

NASA’s Mars Rover Opportunity Hit By a Massive Storm Might End His Long Mission

NASA’s Rover Opportunity has been on Mars for over a decade, but a sandstorm might end its mission. Opportunity project manager at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, John Callas stated in an interview... Read more »

Dust Storm Threatens NASA’s Opportunity Rover

One of NASA’s exploring robots, Opportunity, is in danger of losing its power due to an enormously intense dust storm. As the dust covers the sky, the rover is unable to use... Read more »

Asteroids Could Make Everyone on Earth £75 billion Richer

Forget about cryptocurrency, because asteroid mining is the next thing and companies are already rushing to get to space and mine some ore. According to NASA, asteroids have a big value: up... Read more »

‘Pillars Of Creation’ Have Magnetic Fields, Showing Scientists How Stars Form

Scientists found out how stars form by looking closely into the famous Pillars of Creation. The iconic images captured by the Hubble Space Telescope in April 1995 is in the top 10... Read more »

NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover Found ‘Building Blocks for Life’ on the Red Planet

We’ve talked about that important announcement NASA said they’ll make on 7 June. If you haven’t watched the streamed event, then here’s a summary of what they stated. Mars Curiosity Rover found... Read more »

NASA’s Major Announcement on Mars Rover Curiosity Discovery Will Be Revealed Tomorrow!

NASA has announced that Mars rover Curiosity made an amazing discovery on Mars. They will share the news with the world tomorrow at 6 pm GMT. As for what they will reveal,... Read more »

Astronomers Believe There Are 121 Planets With Habitable Moons. Will They Also Find Signs of Alien Life?

Over 100 planets have moons that could be inhabited, found astronomers. They were looking into the cosmos to detect signs of extraterrestrial life. NASA launched the Kepler space telescope in 2009, and... Read more »