Pledge Signed that no Artificial Intelligence will be Used as a Weapon

According to Future of Life Institute, 160 companies and 2,400 individuals have signed a pledge in which it is stated that “neither participate in nor support the development, manufacture, trade or use... Read more »

Screen Time for Teens to Result in ADHD Symptoms

Everybody knows that most teenagers today have a telephone and go online consistently, and about a fourth of them utilize the web constantly, as indicated by a report made by the Pew... Read more »

An Anti-Obesity Drug Made of Chili Peppers Shows Results

There’s a new drug that’s based on capsaicin, which is what makes the chili peppers spicy. This one is believed to cause weight loss and to improve the metabolism in mice that... Read more »

Improve Heart Health With Vegetables Instead Of Taking Omega-3 Supplements

A major new study found out something pretty interesting. It seems that omega-3 supplements are not that helpful in improving your heart’s health and you gain more if you buy vegetables. This... Read more »

Parker Solar Probe Getting Ready for its Launch in August

The Parker Solar Probe, NASA’s spacecraft that is planned to approach the “surface” of the Sun for the first time in humanity, is programmed to launch on 4th of August, and it’s... Read more »

Stay Safe In The Sun – Pharmacists’ Association of N.L. Offer Tips For Selecting The Right Sunscreen

During the past few days, there has been a lot of need to apply sunscreen especially if you are from St. John’s area. It’s important to note that there’s still a hot... Read more »

Global Warming’s Consequences Are Intensifying And We Can’t Hide From Them, NASA says

Over the past few months, unfortunately, heat records have been broken all over the world. For instance, at the beginning of July, the temperature in Ouargla, Algeria, managed to reach 51.3 C,... Read more »

Spectacular Time-Lapse Video of Earth Taken by the ISS

An astonishing video footage showing the Earth from the International Space Station was recently posted on Twitter by astronaut Alexander Gerst of the European Space Agency. The speed of this incredible video... Read more »

FDA Issues Recall for Blood Pressure and Heart Failure Medication

High blood pressure and heart failure can be treated with several drugs. However, many of them are on the list of those which represent a risk of cancer. The U.S. Food and... Read more »

Creating Fertilizer Out of Thin Air: Sounds Weird, But Researchers Can Do It

Think of plants creating their fertilizer. The need to spread fertilizer on the plants will be gone, and food production will increase. It might seem impossible, but researchers at the Washington University... Read more »