Kirstie Alley: Curling Is Boring

Kirstie Alley calls curling boring There are many differing opinions when it comes to what constitutes an exciting sport and what does not, and when it comes to curling, American actress Kirstie... Read more »
Russian Alexander Krushelnitsky

Russian Alexander Krushelnitsky Fails Doping Test

Russian Alexander Krushelnitsky tests positive for meldonium Well it was only a matter of time before a Russian failed a drug test at the Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang South Korea as... Read more »
mexico crash

Mexico Crash: Military Chopper Goes Down After Earthquake

Mexico crash: Military helicopter goes down following earthquake People in south central Mexico are cleaning up today after being hit by a massive 7.2 magnitude earthquake that destroyed homes and buildings not... Read more »
paul dewar brain cancer

Paul Dewar Brain Cancer: Tumor Removed On Valentine’s Day

Paul Dewar diagnosed with brain cancer Sad news out of Ottawa this weekend as according to a statement released on his Facebook page former NDP MP Paul Dewar is battling brain cancer.... Read more »
trump affair

Trump Affair: Fact Or Fiction?

Trump affair rumors swirling around the White House While the president of the United States Donald Trump takes a break from advocating for the wall to separate America from Mexico, rumor has... Read more »
tom petty accidental overdose

Tom Petty: Accidental Overdose Official Cause of Death

Tom Petty died from an accidental overdose It is being reported that Tom Petty, who credits Chuck Berry for the creation of rock and roll and was a vocal advocate for black... Read more »
shoppers drug mart marijuana

Shoppers Drug Mart: Marijuana Coming Soon

Shoppers Drug Mart inks marijuana deal with Tilray In the very near future you maybe able to buy marijuana with your lip gloss and shampoo and conditioner as it has been confirmed... Read more »
canadians cant pay bills

Canadians Can’t Pay Bills, Survey Finds

Survey finds that Canadians can’t pay bills Results of a new survey have revealed a lot of doom and gloom for Canadians as it suggests that up to one third of Canadians... Read more »
seal oprah

Seal: Oprah Knew What Weinstein Was Up Too

Seal accuses Oprah of knowing about Harvey Weinstein The most recognizable figure when it comes to advocating for the rights of young girls and women, Oprah Winfrey is coming under attack from... Read more »
tim hortons protest

Tim Hortons: Canadians Protest Over Employee Mistreatment

Tim Hortons protestors ralley behind employees Residents of Ontario are sticking up for their fellow men and women who work at Tim Hortons by protesting the company’s decision to short change their... Read more »