Astronomers See For the First Time a Black Hole Eject Material as it Rips Star Apart

Astronomers used radio and infrared telescopes while looking at a supermassive black hole. They saw, for the first time how the black hole ejected material as it ripped apart a star. Most... Read more »

Could Wormholes Send Gravitational Waves?

The most widely accepted theory on the gravitational waves says that they are the result of a supernova or an instance of two massive objects orbiting each other or colliding. It is... Read more »

Einstein Diaries Reveal A Racist Side, Even Though He Criticized It In The USA

Albert Einstein held a speech in the United States against racism and oppression of African Americans, saying that “separation is not a disease of colored people. It is a disease of white... Read more »

NASA’s Mars Rover Opportunity Hit By a Massive Storm Might End His Long Mission

NASA’s Rover Opportunity has been on Mars for over a decade, but a sandstorm might end its mission. Opportunity project manager at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, John Callas stated in an interview... Read more »

Newly Discovered Cosmic Dust can help us Understand the Forming of Celestial Bodies

We have always wanted to know how exactly the Earth was formed. Was it created by incredibly hot fragments of cosmic matter that eventually got together to give birth to our planet?... Read more »

Dust Storm Threatens NASA’s Opportunity Rover

One of NASA’s exploring robots, Opportunity, is in danger of losing its power due to an enormously intense dust storm. As the dust covers the sky, the rover is unable to use... Read more »

Asteroids Could Make Everyone on Earth £75 billion Richer

Forget about cryptocurrency, because asteroid mining is the next thing and companies are already rushing to get to space and mine some ore. According to NASA, asteroids have a big value: up... Read more »

‘Pillars Of Creation’ Have Magnetic Fields, Showing Scientists How Stars Form

Scientists found out how stars form by looking closely into the famous Pillars of Creation. The iconic images captured by the Hubble Space Telescope in April 1995 is in the top 10... Read more »

Bill Gates-funded Startup in Squamish Cleans the Air Sucking Up Carbon Dioxide and Making Fuel

International investors have funded a startup based in Squamish which created a revolutionary technology that could combat climate change in the future. It will also affect the future of global politics and... Read more »

Paleontologists Discover ‘Monstrous’ Sabre-Toothed Fossils from Russia: The Early Evolution of Mammals

Paleontologists have analyzed two fossils that have been found in Russia, discovering two new species of predatory creatures that had giant sabre teeth. These animals are prehistoric, belonging to a group called... Read more »