The Lyrid Meteor Shower: A Weekend Full of Shooting Stars

If you like to watch the sky and see shooting stars, then you’re lucky! This week has had plenty of them, as the annual Lyrid meteor shower has begun on 16 April.... Read more »

Ready For a Mission To Mars? Here Is A Problem You Never Thought To Encounter

Space flight is a challenge. We already know that astronauts face freezing temperatures, the vacuum of space, isolation, and radiation, but have you ever considered you might even lose your sight? Researchers... Read more »

Scientists Say Diamonds From A Meteor Prove The Existence Of a Long-Lost Planet

The Nubian Desert has holding a surprise for scientists that were looking for a meteor fallen north of Sudan. Inside that meteor, there are specks of diamonds! A new scientific report argues... Read more »

NASA’s Planet Hunter TESS’ Launch Has Been Delayed

Yesterday we were expecting to see the amazing planet-hunting satellite from NASA to be sent up into the sky and begin its journey towards the Earth’s orbit. But the schedule was delayed... Read more »

The Galaxy Lacks Dark Matter: Are We Going to Debate This?

Solid distrust ought to dependably go with solid cases. One such late claim has produced a huge amount of discussion about a peculiar, fluffy universe that seems, by all accounts, to be... Read more »

We Might Not Find Life On Mars Before Life Arrives From Earth

NASA has been searching for life on Mars for decades and now it all got more complicated! The quest to send manned space missions to Mars will end in leaving traces of... Read more »

TESS Is Going to Be Launched Today to Seek Other Earth-Like Worlds

NASA’s spacecraft built to scan over 200,000 bright stars and the planets around them is going to be launched today at 6:32 PM – 2232 GMT at Cape Canaveral, Florida. The spacecraft... Read more »

30 Scientists From San Diego Will Travel the Globe to Make New Discoveries and Solve Mysteries

Being a scientist can sound overwhelming to many of us, knowing that the world depends on your future research, but these 30 scientists will also get some help in their studies. They... Read more »

March For Science Had a Smaller Crowd This Year

Last year, scientists, researchers, doctors and many concerned citizens took time to join the March for Science. This year, on 14 April, the event had a smaller crowd, but they were set... Read more »

According to NASA Scientists – There will be no Collision Between the Earth and planet Nibiru

Many people think that Nibiru is a planet in the outskirts of our solar system. The alarming fact connected to it is that conspiracy theorists say that at a certain moment it... Read more »