Investigation in Toronto about Reused Lancets in Blood Donors

It looks like there is trouble brewing in Toronto. Last week, during a health fair in Scarborough a pharmacy that was doing a free blood glucose level test has come under fire... Read more »

13-Year-Old Boy Spends Over 12 Hours in Sewage Pipes After Falling Into Drain Pipe

A young boy was unfortunate enough to fall down a drain pipe and spend over 12 hours until authorities found him. According to the officials, Jesse Hernandez is alive and well, despite... Read more »

Dozens Must See a Doctor – Tests For Diabetes Done With Reused Needle at Scarborough Health Fair

After the health fair at the Scarborough Village Recreation Centre, a complaint was filed on 25 March. Public health officials have investigated the complaint and they reached the conclusion that some needles... Read more »

Man Gets Vasectomy 2 Years Ago and Gets His Wife Pregnant

Meet Tully Hughes, the youngest boy of a Canadian family. He was quite a surprise to Dianne and Bobby because the father had a vasectomy two years before his wife got pregnant.... Read more »

Revelstoke Wants to Create Housing for its Stuff

The tourism goal of Revelstoke, B.C., is scrambling to assemble smaller scale units and dorms for specialists in the midst of a housing crunch that has abandoned a few people sleeping in... Read more »

NIAC to Fund Ideas for Future Space Travel

NASA is putting resources into promising new advances that could help shape the eventual fate of space travel. As a component of the 2018 NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC) activity, Phase I... Read more »

Here is How the Sky will Look Like this Month

If you are an astronomy lover, then you already know that the sky can be a continuous source of amazement, and there are new things to admire constantly. That is because our... Read more »

Paddleboarder Attacked By Shark in Hawaii

It was a peaceful day until a scream filled a private beach on Hawaii’s biggest island. A man was paddleboarding when a shark attacked him. The beach didn’t have a lifeguard, but... Read more »

A Galaxy Without Dark Matter?! Impossible But True

By now, scientists know that galaxies all have some level of dark matter in them, to various extents. Dark matter is an important part in the formation of a galaxy. However, a... Read more »

86 People Died From the Flu in Alberta

You would not expect to hear that in our day and age people could die from something as simple as the flu. However, that seems to be the case in Alberta. Here,... Read more »