Quebec Faces a Recycling Crisis

Plastic, paper, and glass are all sitting in mounds and towers that reach over six meters high and cover the surface of Sherbrooke’s recycling plant. Cats climb on the trash and play... Read more »

Stephen Hawking’s Ashes Are In Westminster Abbey, Between Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin

Friday, the ashes of Stephen Hawking were buried in Westminster Abbey, a place that honors the greatest scientists in the UK. His ashes were buried between the graves of Isaac Newton and... Read more »

Plastic Surgery For Men Has Seen a Spike in 2017. What Did They Change?

We usually think of women when we say cosmetic surgery, but a new report shows us that a lot of men show up to talk with plastic surgeons and improve their appearance.... Read more »

B.C. Puts Together an Advisory Council For Protection of Wild Salmon

Wild salmons are at risk, and now the B.C. government introduced an advisory council to deal with this problem. They will develop recommendations for a strategy to protect the wild salmon. Premier... Read more »

Chinese Researchers Create HIV Cure To Control The Virus and Eliminate Infected Cells

Researchers in China found a cure that can control the virus and eliminated the infected cells. Until now, they have seen positive results in HIV positive mice. If the results will be... Read more »

Scientists Find a New Kind of Photosynthesis

There was a type of chlorophyll which was discovered a few years back and it’s now changing the limits of the usual photosynthesis. It also talks about a brand new role of... Read more »

Ice Melt from the West Antarctic Threatening the US

Just recently scientists have revealed that 3 trillion tons of ice have melted into the sea from 1992 until the present moment. This is the enormous amount of ice that Antarctica has... Read more »

Martian Storms And The Phenomenon

First spotted by NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter on May 30, the dust storm already covers a quarter of Mars and keeps on growing. This event threatens the mission of NASA’s Opportunity rover,... Read more »

Why Did Daytime Animals Turn Into Night Owls? Scientists Have the Answer

A new study shows that human’s interference with the natural habitat of wildlife made daytime animals change their routine. Scientists have known it for some time, seeing mammals travel to areas where... Read more »

U.S. Threatened By West Antarctic Ice Melt: 3 Trillion Tons of Ice Lost in 26 Years

Scientists just revealed how fast Antarctica’s ice melted over the last years. Since 1992, it lost 3 trillion tons of ice, losing some of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet and Antarctic Peninsula.... Read more »