World UFO Day: Secret MI5 Files Show Spies Hunted for UFOs for Almost Five Decades

Reports from 1947 – 1997 confirmed that spies were looking into UFO sightings in the UK. Then, in 1997, the investigation was put to an end, because Whitehall thought that too much... Read more »

Mosquito Season Brings West Nile Virus in the US

It’s not only summer season, but it’s also mosquito season in the US. They’re annoying, and they’re very dangerous. In Ohio, Washington, and Virginia, they tested positive for the West Nile virus.... Read more »

Research Finds Link Between Autoimmune Disorders and Psychosis

Previous studies have shown that there is a connection between autoimmune disorders and psychosis, but findings showed conflicting results, and researchers couldn’t reach a conclusion. In a quest to solve this issue,... Read more »

Ex-NASA Physics Scientist Says UFOs Are Real, But the Government Covers Up The Truth

So far, there is no concrete evidence of alien life, but ex-NASA scientist and physics professor thinks that scientists should study more and that there is indeed alien life, but the government... Read more »

Canada Day Celebrated at Parliament Hill: Beware of the Heat!

Canada’s 151st birthday will take place on Parliament Hill, in the hottest day since the country started celebrating Canada Day. Today, the temperature will rise in the national capital to a morning... Read more »

The Longest Eclipse of the Century Witnessed in July 2018

July hosts a total lunar eclipse and a Blood Moon. The celestial body veils on the night of 27 July flowing from East to West and adorning the night with its bleeding... Read more »

Asteroid vs. Comet: What Are the Main Differences?

So it happened in October 2017 that an object made its appearance in the interior of Milky Way at about 196,000 miles per hour. After that, it just headed away. The astronomers... Read more »

Is the Universe Full of Goop? Science Facts

If you take a look through a telescope, it’s most likely you’ll see lots of neat stuff, such as stars, which are actually very distant. But did you know that, between them,... Read more »

How Can Asteroids Destroy Our Planet?

We all know the story of the asteroid which made the dinosaurs extinct. But is there a possibility that an asteroid can make humanity have the same fate as dinosaurs, too? Scientists... Read more »

Astronomers Discovered The Milky Way Is Greasy and Toxic

When you think of space, you imagine darkness, and freezing temperatures, but not greasiness. Astronomers knew there is some grease in the Milky Way, but a new study – conducted by a... Read more »