Canadians Warned About Invasive Hogweed Plant: Cause of Burns And Blindness

Look out for an invasive plant named hogweed, which is among the most dangerous plants in Canada, according to the Nature Conservancy of Canada. The plant can cause third-degree burns and even... Read more »

City Tests Garlic Spray to Keep Ticks Away

Who knew garlic could be the next best thing in repelling ticks? Kingston, Canada is the place where a garlic-based repellant has been used to keep ticks away from the city. Until... Read more »

Bill Gates Funds Genetically Modified Mosquitoes to Wipe Out Malaria

The Microsoft founder, Bill Gates, has funded UK Company called Oxitec for a few years now. Back in 2010, he funded Oxitec to create modified mosquitoes and tackle the Zika virus and... Read more »

Massive Genetic Study Finds Connections Between Psychiatric Disorders

An international team of researchers from the US, UK, China, Singapore, Japan, and Australia has started a project called “Brainstorm Study.” They used a million of people’s genes to find clues on... Read more »

There Are 121 Gas Giants With Habitable Moons

After NASA’s Kepler telescope was launched in 2009, it started identifying exoplanets that orbit other stars. Until now, astronomers used it to find more than 2,000 planets. The main mission of the... Read more »

Researchers Just Recovered Fragile Images From The 19th Century

The centuries-old images degraded over time can now be uncovered with the help of scientists and tiny X-ray beams. Believed impossible to reveal, two photographs taken back in 1850 involving daguerreotypes have... Read more »

Virus Infections in Early Life Could Set the Stage For Alzheimer’s

Scientists have found that Alzheimer’s could be triggered by viruses that can affect the brain. It’s been years of debate on what causes the disease, and this study sparks the debates with... Read more »

Stonehenge Was Built Using Pythagoras’ Theorem, 2,000 Years Before The Theorem Was Established

The monumental megalith was believed to have been built by ‘rough’ cavemen, but a new book titled ‘Megalith’ found evidence that suggests otherwise. The ancient pillars may have been designed with the... Read more »

Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity Was Tested on Galactic Scales

An experiment published in the journal Science shows that Einstein’s theory of general relativity works on a huge scale. Astronomers used a galaxy to see if the theory works on a larger... Read more »

Pythagoras’ Theorem Might Have Been First Used by Stonehenge Builders, According to Experts

Thanks to a new book, Megalith, which analyzes the geometry of Neolithic monuments, it is now believed that the people who built Stonehenge used Pythagoras’ theorem, therefore being 2000 years ahead of... Read more »