trump oprah

Trump: Oprah is Bias and Slanted

Trump: Oprah is insecure and slanted It seems like every week there is a new news story with President Trump in the middle of it and this time, he is making headlines... Read more »
family toronto hijab

Family Apologizes for Hijab Cutting Story

Toronto family apologizes for hijab cutting story Telling people that a man tried to cut off your hijab as you were walking to school, when in actual fact nothing of the sort... Read more »
jessica platt comes out

Jessica Platt Comes Out As Transgender

Jessica Platt comes out as transgender It is another first for Canada as on Wednesday hockey player Jessica Platt came out as transgender, which makes her the first openly transgender athlete to... Read more »
h and m racist ad

H and M: Racist Ad Pulled From Website

H and M racist ad causing massive uproar One sure way to cause a fuss is to create an online ad for your company featuring a black child along with the slogan... Read more »
carrie gracie quits bbc

Carrie Gracie Quits BBC Over Unequal Pay

Carrie Gracie quits BBC over Unfair pay When it comes to equal pay for men and women in the work force we still have quite a way to go and in the... Read more »
oprah golden globes speech

Watch Powerful Oprah Golden Globes Speech

Oprah: Golden Globes speech captivates millions When Oprah Winfrey talks, people listen and she had the stage all to herself last night at the Golden Globes. Winfrey, probably the most recognizable advocate... Read more »
Jacqueline Kent Cooke hate crime

Jacqueline Kent Cooke Accused of Hate Crime

Jacqueline Kent Cooke accused of hate crime It is being reported that the daughter of former Washington Redskins owner Jack Kent Cooke, Jacqueline Kent Cooke is being investigated by police for a... Read more »
transgender troops ban

Say Goodbye to Transgender Troops Ban

American transgender troops ban about to be lifted American president Donald Trump has made it pretty clear that he is not a fan of anybody who identifies as transgender however starting on... Read more »
Sarah Mullally

Sarah Mullally Named New Bishop Of London

Sarah Mullally named new Bishop of London Sarah Mullally will make history early next year when she becomes the first woman in history to be anointed as the Bishop of London. She... Read more »
australia catholic church celibacy

Australia: Catholic Church Condemned In Massive Report

New 17 volume report condemns Australian Catholic Church When it comes to the Catholic Church, accusations of child abuse at the hands of priests are as common as rain in the spring... Read more »