Over 700 People In Iran Got Poisoned After Eating Wild Mushrooms: 9 Deaths, Dozens in Critical Condition

The emergency service in Iran faced a challenge when over 700 people arrived at the hospital with poisoning after eating wild mushrooms. The emergency services spokesman, Mojtaba Khalidi, stated: “The latest emergency... Read more »

Viagra and a Flu Vaccine Could Help Fight Against Cancer

A new research conducted by the Ottawa Hospital discovered a new treatment for cancer after the surgery. A combination of common treatments can help the immune system to fight against cancer cells... Read more »

The Ebola Outbreak In Congo Won’t Affect the Rest Of The World

Ebola made a comeback in Congo. While this is an issue, it appears that it is not a global one. In fact, according to the World Health Organization, there is a “strong... Read more »

Romaine Lettuce Is Safe to Eat Once Again from E. coli

E. coli-tainted lettuce was a significant problem recently after 172 people became sick in 32 states, and there has been one death. Therefore, for a while, people were advised to stay away from... Read more »

Major Study Finds Three Genes Linked to Alzheimer’s

A study led by Edinburgh University scientists in collaboration with colleagues from Australia and from New York, shows that there are three new genes linked to Alzheimer’s disease. The most common form... Read more »

Some Calories Are Worse Than Others, Says New Study

We know that there are good calories and bad calories. However, a new study shows that there are even worse calories. But what should we avoid? A group of researchers has looked... Read more »

Air Pollution: How Are 5 Countries Punished for It

The European court of justice can force multimillion-euro fines if the UK and five different nations don’t address the issue. The UK and five different countries have been alluded to Europe’s highest... Read more »

Drug Crisis Gets Worse – Dramatic Number of Drug Deaths in March

It appears that the number of drug deaths only gets worse. The figures released by the BC Coroner Service for March are even worse than the ones we had back in February.... Read more »

Waterloo Researchers to Combine Artificial Intelligence to Track Aerobic Health

At the point when many people take their time to think about wearables, they commonly consider wristband screens and smartwatches. However, on the other hand, there are things like “smart shirts,” real... Read more »

WHO Released a List of Essential Diagnostic Tests to Prevent Diseases Or Premature Deaths

The World Health Organization (WHO) has just announced a list of essential diagnostic tests. The list also acts as a guideline for countries that create their test lists. This way, WHO will... Read more »