Full-Fat Dairy May Be Beneficial For Heart Health

The general belief was that full-fat dairy products should be avoided because they had too many saturated fats. Even some governmental authorities specialized on nutrition agreed to it, but a study challenges... Read more »

Earth’s Youngest Banded Iron Formation to Exist in Western China

Scientists have now one more reason to change how they see the evolution of the complex life, now that they’ve discovered the Earth’s youngest banded iron formation. A new study was done... Read more »

A Tiny Simple Device Stops The Bleeding of a Man in Toronto

Gaven Mayo is a 27 years old man from Toronto who was rushed to a Montreal hospital after he was shot in his thigh with a rifle. He had lost a huge... Read more »

New Children Lyme Cases Discovered in Ontario, Nova Scotia

A recent study revealed that 81 percent of Lyme disease cases that involved little children were present in Ontario and Nova Scotia. The research was made for the Canadian Paediatric Surveillance Program.... Read more »

Health Canada Recalls Heart and High Blood Pressure Drugs Containing Valsartan Due to Cancer Risk

A substance in valsartan than is found in some heart and high blood pressure drugs has been linked to cancer. Health Canada announced that the drugs were coming from China, from Zhejiang... Read more »

A Study Shows That Babies Who Eat Solid Food Sooner Sleep Better

A study has recently shown that babies who are given solid food and breast milk from the age of three months will sleep better than those babies who are just fed with... Read more »

Canadian Researchers Create Plastic Patch to Warn Consumers When the Food is Spoiled or Contaminated

Researchers at the McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario have developed a plastic film that could make “best before” dates irrelevant. Soon enough, consumers will know if the food they buy is safe... Read more »

Harvard Researchers’ HIV Vaccine Shows Promising Results In Human Trials

The fight against HIV continues, and the HIV vaccine developed by researchers at Harvard brings hope to medical professionals and people all over the world. The vaccine was tested on 393 people... Read more »

Johns Hopkins Hospital Evacuated Because of Tuberculosis Contamination

Tuberculosis is one of the most contagious diseases, but on top of that it is extremely serious; if a sick person doesn’t receive proper treatment, the infection can be fatal. People know... Read more »

Smart Bandages Monitors Chronic Wounds And Improve the Chances of Healing

Tufts University engineers developed a bandage that monitors chronic wounds and then delivers treatment to improve chances of healing. The bandage would be a great approach in wounds from burns, diabetes or... Read more »