Brain Damage could be Caused by Exposure to Zika

Researchers at Emory University decided to test out what are the effects of contracting the Zika virus after birth on infant macaques. What they found out was very interesting. They saw that... Read more »

Report Estimates 1 in 66 Canadian Children Has Autism Spectrum Disorder

A report released on Thursday by the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) detailed that one in 66 Canadian children between 5 and 17 years old has autism spectrum disorder. This report... Read more »

Scientists Claim that Ibuprofen may Help Prevent Alzheimer

Alzheimer is a disease that sets in at a relatively old age and that has not been cured so far. The only way to “cure” this disease is to slow down its... Read more »

Children With Autism Are Less Likely to Get Vaccinated

Although there is no scientific evidence that connects the vaccines infants and young kids receive in their early years with the risk of autism, there are still parents that still question this... Read more »

Indians Apply for Disability Checks by Complaining of Back Pain

When we think about people that live with disabilities we usually think of people that have been in accidents which left them paralyzed or of people that fought for their country and... Read more »

Nova Scotians with Intellectual Disabilities Should not be Incarcerated

A study was conducted in order to research the living conditions for Nova Scotians who are incarcerated, the particular group taken into question being the people with special needs who suffer from... Read more »
Keaton James GoFundMe

Keaton James GoFundMe Account Frozen

Keaton James GoFundMe account frozen over suspicion of Mother’s motive If your little boy was being bullied at school, and asked you to make a video so he could speak out against... Read more »
Keaton James GoFundMe

Keaton Jones: Is His Mom In It For The Money?

Keaton Jones’ mother denies posting video to make money off her son Keaton Jones is a Tennessee native who the world now knows about thanks to his bravery in confronting his bullies... Read more »
keaton jones bullying

Keaton Jones Bullying Video Prompts Heart Felt Response From Hailee Steinfeld

Keaton Jones bullying video prompts uber support from celebrities A little boy named Keaton Jones from the state of Tennessee is fighting back against the bullies that torment him. Keaton is sick... Read more »
brittany covington plea

Brittany Covington Plea: What Is Wrong With America?

Brittany Covington plea deal is a slap in the face to the victim she tormented Advocates for disability rights are up in arms after Brittany Covington, the 19 year old woman who,... Read more »